It’s been said that it would take more than a lifetime to try each and every restaurant located in New York, just once each.

Still, there are a few restaurants that top the list for their delicious meals, amazing recipes and inventive new dishes. Not to mention that these restaurants are located all around the Big Apple.

As is the case with jumping on your favorite PayPal casino, in this part of the world options are aplenty, no matter where it is you may find yourself.

As usual, the biggest restaurant to celebrate the Super Bowl on January 26 is the Gramercy Tavern. With five restaurants in New York City and one in Washington, DC, the acclaimed culinary team has brought a taste of its marvelous dishes to Seattle for the NFL’s pre-game festivities. The burgers are named after NFL stars, including two menu items called “Alfonso’s Piece.”

Hendersonville’s Chart Room is one of the best spots to check out for football on the Seattle weekend.

Whether you’re in Seattle or anywhere else in the US, you have to try the cocktails, sandwiches and macaroni and cheese.

No matter how you look at it, the history of cooking, with its foundational cultural elements of religion, lies around the preparation and serving of meals.

Winner of a USA Today food award, the Crab Cakes on Fried Bread from San Francisco’s Carnitas Snack Shack are as delicious as they are basic. Except for the basic part, of course.

Blueberry Bourbon Cheesecake

Winner of the 2005 Beverage Producers Guild Awards for “Best New U.S. Cocktail”, The Bourbon Bacon Cheesecake is not a new thing, but it is rather new to many consumers.

The Bourbon Bacon Cheesecake from Heartwood Kitchen is an elaborate cocktail consisting of bourbon, sherry, crème de mars, lemon juice and bitters. The signature ingredient for the concoction is bacon.

Wild Turkey Bourbon, Honey & Cocoa Nib

The Little Cane is the house specialty cocktail at The Little Cane Restaurant in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Originally from Jamaica, the cocktail consists of freshly pressed banana, sweet pineapple and cherry bitters.

Cocktail Corner from Sanford

This drink, the “Classic Old Fashioned” consists of cherry syrup, tarragon and lemon juice. Also included are a house-made triple sec and simple syrup.

Abbey & Union Square Cafe at Montecito Inn

An award-winning cocktail from the Audrey Hotel, the Spanish Old Fashioned is based on the eggnog cocktail and is made with a mixture of Carpano Vermouth, bourbon, sugar and bitters.

Saison from Louis & Melon, New York City

The Saison cocktail from Louis & Melon, New York City, is reminiscent of a classic drink from the era of old-time New Orleans jazz and jazz bars.

A delicate and complex mix of spices and herbs, mixed with crisp, fresh lemon juice, sour beer and crisp apple juice, the Saison is the perfect drink to sip during a chilly fall evening.

Hungry to try any of the tastiest and more popular national dishes? Make sure to check out the national food courts of the top 50 restaurants!