There are powerful compounds that chocolate is rich in. There are also performance and potential health benefits in eating chocolate. If you need increased blood flow, reduced signs of brain aging, oxidative stress, and improved skin appearance. There are numerous benefits of eating chocolate and this article seeks to highlight a few. Continue reading and see why you need to eat sugar-less chocolate for improved health. Whilst chocolate may have some benefits, it’s important to not eat too much of it. Too much chocolate can lead to weight gain or even heartburn. Those who have suffered from heartburn before will know that it is uncomfortable and painful. Due to this, many of them have to purchase the medication from to help relieve some of this pain. People should be careful when consuming chocolate.

Ensure the bar of chocolate you buy is free from emulsifiers

Cocoa powder, cocoa butter, and a sweetener are the only ingredients you need for your chocolate. But the market is now full of chocolate bars that are loaded with extra elements that have no purpose to the body and instead are harmful. Commercial emulsifiers, for example, are added to make the chocolate smooth and creamy but they are very dangerous to the human person. The emulsifiers are known to be powerful instigators of inflammation, reduce metabolism and lead to weight gain.

As you go shopping check the ingredients list and of importance, make sure there is no carboxymethylcellulose or any other harmful chemical.

Ensure the chocolate you buy is not processed with alkali

Alkali processing is also called ‘Dutch’ processing and I meant to give a mellow flavor and cocoa smoother. The processing also brings about the characteristic deep brown hue and this brings down the health value of cocoa. Some components like polyphenols are beneficial to your health. Research shows that they increase athletic performance and a healthy vascular function, which ensures better cognitive performance. The ingredients list will clearly show if the chocolate bar has been processed using an alkali.

Look for a bar with over 85% cocoa content

Cocoa content in the dark chocolate, common with American Sweets companies, ranges from 70-90% and the higher the content, the less the sugar. Look out for the bars with content that is above 80%; this is better for your health and the will power. In fact, with a bar that is high in cocoa, you will only need to take a bite and feel satiated and thus you will not need to take the whole bar. Taking chocolate below 85% of cocoa gets into the territory of ‘hyperpalatability- impossibly delicious and less in calories. Why should you consume something that doesn’t add value to your body when you can eat richly? Choose healthy today by eating sugar-less chocolate bars.

Avoid chocolate that is contaminated with lead and cadmium

Lead has been a health issue for a long time and this is because of its link to neurological impairments like seizures, lower IQ and learning disabilities. Studies have shown that lead affects the development of fetuses and no level of this element is safe for children.

The two compounds have been detected in chocolates at percentages that are above the acceptable threshold and this poses a danger to the health of the consumers.

When buying chocolate bars, look for the type that has more cocoa and sugar-free. For you to get the best, buys the ones from a reputable sweets’ company.