Alcohol is always pushed off in one of two ways. Either people pretend it’s all amazing and bound to make you have a good time, or they act like it’s all a chore to drink and revolting until the effects kick in. That’s not really the case.

Everyone has their own unique taste for alcohol, and every alcohol will provide a different experience to different people.

The problem is that figuring out which beverages are enjoyable for you can be expensive and unpleasant. After all, alcohol isn’t cheap, and most people only actually enjoy a couple of different concoctions.

Today, we’re going to help you sample the alcohol world without going broke or hating the experience. Just remember to drink responsibly. Even great alcohol experiences can cause problems.

1: Go with a Boiler Maker

If you’re ordering at a bar, this is a great way to taste two alcohol products at once without breaking the bank or committing to full drinks. Just order a boiler maker.

A boiler maker is a combo drink. You order a beer and a shot, and at most bars, you pick both of those. Beer is typically the cheapest thing on the menu at a bar, especially if you get a draft beer. Moreover, a few bars may have hired a draft system company special denver beer service (or elsewhere); in that case, you might get to enjoy some fancy flavored alcohol at an affordable price. Else, just buy a shot to go with your beer, you don’t have to commit to the ridiculous prices cocktails go for.

This allows you to try out different things inexpensively, and the addition of a beer can help you moderate your alcohol intake. With two boiler makers, you’ll probably hit your safe limit, and you’ll have had the opportunity to try four different beverages; usually for under $10.

This can be done at home, too. If you want to try different liquors and ales, just buy a couple of different tall boys, and the little party shooters are sold at most places that sell alcohol.

2: Attend a Tasting

This is a harder one to pull off because you have to worry about going to scheduled events. Luckily, most small businesses offer tastings where you can just pay a flat rate, and they’ll hand out samples of various alcohols. This is a great way to taste a large variety of drinks inexpensively.

However, it’s proper etiquette to actually buy something when the tasting is over. So, if you want to get great service when returning to the shop, make sure you pinpoint a favorite drink during the tasting and try to buy a bottle when it’s over. This supports the business and helps to ensure they do taste events in the future.

3: Buy Ready to Drink Cocktails

Ready to drink cocktails are probably the best way to try cocktails without committing to overpriced drinks at the bar. These are canned cocktails that are pre-mixed to perfection, and they’re sold in cases just like beer.

This is the best option if you’re interested in fancier drinks. If you noticed, the other two options are usually only going to let you sample straight liquors and beer. With ready to drink cocktails, you can taste things like screwdrivers, Bloody Marys, and other things that you can’t buy in shots or samples.