The role of any landscape gardener or outdoor space designer should be to consider what look the client is going for and the types of furniture that could be introduced to complement this. However, it can be a challenge. There are a lot of different types of furniture out there made from different types of timber that will all work well for different design types.

Teak, for example, is viewed as a premium timber and is used to create up-market furniture that complements more luxurious gardens. The dark outer wood is very attractive for both interior and exterior designers and the colour can often work well with a variety of different looks and styles.

Here we take a look at teak tree benches, what they are, and whether you should buy one for your next project.

What is a teak tree bench?

Teak tree benches do more or less exactly what they say on the tin. They are teak benches constructed in a way that incases a tree. They are often used when there is a large tree in the garden and the client is looking to transform it into more of a centrepiece. Teak tree benches show intention and add to the overall sophistication of the garden.

Teak tee benches are usually curved and built-in several pieces so that they can be easily transported and installed on-site. If you buy your teak tree benches through a good supplier they should also withstand some of the troublesome weather and may even come with up to a 10-year warranty.

Should I buy a teak tree bench?

So we come to the question of whether you should buy a teak tree bench or not. Whilst the answer may seem obvious (yes, if you have a tree that you can install it around) there are a few different uses for teak tree benches. If you have a statue in your garden or you are developing a public park with statues, then teak tree benches can work very well as a seating area around the central feature. To get a better idea of whether a teak tree bench can fit in your garden space to match the aesthetic and functionality, you could enlist the services of a landscaper (found on websites like who can not only give you the right info about the benches, but also help with improving the whole of your garden as well.

In addition to the potential application for statues and other ornaments, teak tree benches can also be used against walls. They are often placed in areas where there is not a huge amount of space available and structured in a semi-circle. If you are designing a space that has lots of tight corners then a quarter of a teak tree bench could work very well as a seating area.

So to answer the question, it depends. If you have a centrepiece that you want to develop into a seating area, or you want to create some more seating space in a garden without much in the way of open areas then a teak tree bench could make a wonderful addition to the garden. If you answered no to any or all of those questions then perhaps another form of teak furniture would be better suited to what you are looking for.