Though, as a culture, we like to deny it exists and we want it to go away, people with mental health issues are the most vulnerable and need our help. We appear to be able to address certain issues that may flare up, like how playing on any Australian casino online has you only one-click away from getting the help you need if you were perhaps addicted to gambling.

We’ve grown up with mental health issues. We’ve seen people suffer, suffer alone and suffer without a right to treatment. Although many people treat their symptoms themselves, such as by using cannabis products (find out more about head high vs body high here) to help soothe their anxiety, there is no widely respected treatment of these illnesses. As a community, there is one common problem when dealing with mental health issues: there isn’t a unified support system to guide us towards appropriate treatment.

It’s easy to deny mental health exists in our everyday lives. The effects of mental illness have been perceived and treated as a stigma for decades, so we struggle with the meaning behind the term and refuse to treat it as the legitimate health issue that it is.

To put it simply, mental health is as much an illness as physical health is. And the stigma of mental illness causes our society to ignore it and dismiss the issue as something to be afraid of. The way we treat mental health issues will directly affect the quality of our society, which means that we, as a community, need to change.

What Mental Health Really Means

To the mentally ill, we are normal. We are scared. We fear what we don’t know and we fear how we will be judged by those around us. Yet, we push on, afraid of the vulnerability we know we have. What does it mean to have mental health issues? It means we struggle to find answers. It means that we suffer and go through the worst of what we can.

To the society, mental health issues are not diseases, which means people will continue to deny it exists. It means there will be those who will support it and those who will ridicule it. It means that people won’t feel ashamed to come out as mentally ill. It means that people will be able to express their mental health issues openly without fear of being rejected or judged.

We can start by supporting mental health issues, both physically and mentally. We can start by having honest conversations and welcoming mental health issues into our lives. We can support those struggling with it, by accepting them. We can talk about it, accept it and give them the opportunity to see how they can overcome the stigma that exists around mental illness. We can help people find a treatment that works for them, be that getting details from to help them grow their own marijuana to recommending talking therapies, whatever we think would best suit an individual and their personal mental health struggles.

As a community, we need to accept mental health issues and start treating them as a serious health issue. If we don’t, they will keep growing and spreading like an epidemic. Let’s start by accepting mental health issues in our everyday lives and accepting mental health issues as a legitimate health issue.

What Mental Health Really Means To You

If am mentally ill. That doesn’t make me crazy. That makes me normal. For instance, I can make up my own mind about the top rated online casino USA has to offer with regards to what it has to offer me as an individual and not just take what is said about it at face-value, to make a very simplistic example.

Suicide is scary, but it’s a possible reality which has to be dealt with in the realms of mental illness.

I know it may not be easy, but if you’re the one suffering from mental health issues and suicidal thoughts, you can get the help you need.