I’m not so much a fan of watching television, but sometimes it’s the only way to keep the kids calm for a bit and on one occasion I actually enjoyed watching some episode of a series that was on where the characters went to visit Prince’s residence. Yes, as in the late Prince – musician extraordinaire. If his music videos were ever anything to go by along with his appearance, one would naturally expect some weird and wonderful things to be going on inside his house and although this was indeed just a TV show, somehow one gets the sense that it’s an accurate representation of the associated expectations.

It got a bit weird with pet-butterflies and the likes, but what’s important is that this pretty much reinforces the idea that your home is your space to take full ownership of and if you have to deploy all manner of weird and wonderful decors to make it truly feel like home, then so be it.

Obviously the pet-butterfly thing is a special effect, but design-wise I truly believe what we were given a tiny glimpse of rather accurately represents reality.

While some of the weirdest and most wonderful homes on this earth would probably be associated with the rich and famous celebrities we see on our TV screens and shower with adulation, it doesn’t have to cost a serious fortune for the average man or woman on the street to do up their own home in a weird and wonderful way they are comfortable with, as something which truly constitutes a home. We’ll get back to that in a second though, because when you do indeed have somewhat of an unlimited budget to work with, then together with your architect and your interior designer, the design of your home is one of the best grades of blank canvasses you could ever ask for.

In Mexico City for example, there’s a residence named the Nautilus House, which rather looks more like a modernist sculpture than anything close to what would be referred to as a conventional house. It assumes the form of a giant mollusc shell and has stained-glass windows bearing rainbow colours. This makes for some truly one-of-a-kind taste and I struggle to see anyone falling in between the lines of all the way loving it or completely hating it!

It’s sure to be super expensive too, because its upmarket Mexico City location sees property prices in that area fetching up to €9,300 per square metre!

What truly makes a home though is not directly proportional to how much you have to spend on it, as attested to by the cheap home insurance you can manage to get for a home which would have you feeling a bit nervous about the evaluation of the goods you have as part of the process of determining the subsequent premiums you’d be quoted to have to pay. Have a look at the infographic and you’ll realise that despite the mega millions some of the weirdest and most wonderful home designs go for, some of the most meaningful weird and wonderful quirks which go into making a house a real home don’t have to cost an arm and a leg.