Most people’s lives spin at the speed of light. The average adult deals daily with work, spouse, children, bills, and volunteer obligations. Those are just the big things. Single parents have half the help, college students add school to the mix, and the disabled and elderly have the same responsibility, but often need a little more help. So, eating right is quite low on the totem pole of the majority. Here are a few ways to eat a little healthier without having to take precious time from other priorities. You CAN have your cake and eat it, too.

BYOL: Bring Your Own Lunch

It’s Monday again and you know what’s coming. Grumpy co-workers, including your boss, new deadlines, and leftover work you didn’t get done last week. You haven’t even started your day and you are already out of time. Most companies afford you 30 minutes for a lunch break, an hour, if you’re lucky. You love that little bistro down the street, but by the time you get there and get back, you’ll only have about 3 minutes to eat and the grease they put in their food will have you napping before you get done eating. This would be a great time to bring your own lunch. Pack some healthy snacks like fruits and nuts and maybe a tuna fish sandwich for lunch the night before.

Order Healthier Fast Food Options

Maybe you’re out running errands with the kids. Little Mikey has a wet diaper, Susy is screaming, because Johnny hit her with her own doll and you know everyone would calm down if you could just get them something to eat. So, you pull off at the nearest fast food restaurant and glance at the menu. Today, most fast food venues have restructured their menus to include healthier choices. So, picking something better for you and the kids is no longer an issue. Some places offer veggie burgers. Others sale yogurt and granola and most offer an array of salads.

Cater To Yourself

You’re finally headed home from work, but the tuna sandwich is long gone and you know you are way too tired to cook. Thanks to modern technology, you can now place an order for a healthy 4 star, home cooked meal, that all you have to do to enjoy it, is go pick it up. Simply go online, order from several very healthy, well made and creative choices, and then pick it up. Tada!! No cooking involved and you still maintain your figure and your good cholesterol.

So, whether you have a million and one things to get done or you are just exhausted from the day’s events and don’t feel like cooking, you can use these options to stay ahead of the game and remain healthy while you’re at it.