Cooking and baking is a great past time, in fact, there are too many recipes to complete before you can count your cooking days as over. The popularity of cooking has impacted the food networks and found its way into the kitchens of most households. One drawback of cooking however is the tediousness of waiting for the oven to buzz in completion. Thankfully, technology has your back while you have the food cooking for the family. You can now use your time constructively by downloading apps to kill time while your cooking creation develops in the oven.

Recipe Apps for the Beginner Baker

If you are a novice baker or cook, you have at least taken the first step to becoming a master chef. You can speed up the process by downloading free recipe apps and the variety is endless, readers can discover anything from sweet edibles to healthy eating recipes for the entire family. Check out some of the top rated apps like BigOven, Yummly and countless others to find something suitable for your level of cooking expertise.

Kids Food Apps

Healthy kid’s food apps are ideal for the growing toddler. In today’s day and age it has become increasing difficult and even expensive to shop healthy for your loved little humans. Thankfully, there have been a number of apps developed for moms on the go or even on tight budgets. Browse through a generous selection of healthy kids food apps to get an idea of what to cook next for your toddler or baby at a minimal cost. This should keep you busy for hours and keep your mind from succumbing to temptation of opening the oven!

Gaming Apps – Keep the Bread in the Oven for Longer

Gaming apps are most appreciated by the modern housewife and isn’t only limited to the men of the house. In fact, the majority of female online gamers are fast growing and with the availability of downloadable games, women too can use these applications to enjoy games and kill time simultaneously. These apps are great to pass the time, and with a smartphone, there is so much else people can do whilst they are waiting in the kitchen. Just taking a look at all the things you can do through links like,12586?, can show people what is available and how much fun they can have.

To further your gaming entertainment while your meals are being self-prepared in the oven, check out the latest casino gaming apps. These give housewives the opportunity to bring home the bacon and outshine their other halves all the while baking and cooking in the kitchen. Play here and access top slots games, card games and more! All for fun or for making extra cash in the process of having fun!

House Décor – Ideal for the Modern Housewife

Speed up the oven process by downloading a décor app ideal for the modern housewife who cares for her home. Find out how to implement DIY tricks without breaking the bank and get some great ideas from your most favoured app!

Thankfully, times have changed and technology has allowed amateur and professional cooks a form of reprieve. You know what they say, a watched pot never boils! Kill your kitchen time by having fun, getting crafty or even making a little side cash!