The wedding cake as we know it today has grown from multiple ethnic traditions, one of the first being Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. It was here that a wheat or barley cake was broken over the bride’s head to bless the couple’s union, but it’s safe to say we’ve come a long way since!

Traditional English wedding fruitcake is a painstaking mix of reconstituted dried fruit which has been soaked in its own juices and alcoholic beverages like port, rum, sherry, or even whiskey. But these days it can be anything at all and it’s all about what you want.

Tradition be damned.

Create a Custom Cake Stand

If you stick to relatively simple design for the cake, you have the option to create a point of interest with a stand decorated according to your colours and theme. You could fill a plexiglass support with plants, create a rustic wooden platform for your cake to rest on or decorate it with heaps of flowers.

Get Creative With Shape

Square cakes have a sleek, modern look, but you have many other shapes to choose from besides round and square! Hexagonal cakes can be incredibly beautiful, as can a petal-shaped display.

Give Each Table An Individual Cake

You could eschew a big cake and opt for little ones in different flavours for each table at the reception. Encourage guests to get up and move around, sampling as they go, and you’ll create a happy buzz, guaranteed.

Go For Chocolate

You can have whatever flavour cake you want. It doesn’t have to be frosted in a white buttercream icing if you don’t want it to be. Go with your personal tastes and preferences.

When choosing elements for your nuptials, trust your gut. Try to take the same attitude as you would if you were enjoying the apuestas deportivas Colombia has to offer. If it feels right, do it!

Go Really Small or Really Big

You can play right now with perspective a little and order a smaller, two-tier cake heavily decorated and then provide alternative desserts as well, like pies or sorbet.

Or you could go really big and get a seven- or nine-tier cake as a statement piece for your day.

Have it Feature Your Favourite Quote

You’ve found your true love, so why not choose a phrase that has some special meaning to you, and have it emblazoned on your cake? It could be lyrics from the song you and your partner are going to open the dance floor with, or even lyrics from your vows.

Up the Sweet Factor

You’re not limited to cake and can easily add other confections as you like, like truffles, for example. You could even transform the cake table into a dessert buffet featuring everything you love, from doughnuts and cookies to key lime pie.

Serve Mini-Confections

Another great idea is to serve individual, mini-cakes served to your guests in the same way that the other courses are. You could even display them on a big table, stacking them to resemble a cake, and then invite your guests to help themselves.