Every cook wants to enhance their skill set in the kitchen that can help them make fabulous dishes that everyone seems to enjoy. This ultimate list of kitchen hacks will help anyone perfect the art of cooking. That art form has seen some innovative ideas over the years. These simple skills can transform the abilities of cooks all over the world, as well as this, it makes them capable of performing tasks like never before. Expect to see all new dishes come out of the kitchen in no time.

Separate Egg Whites:

Few realise that the egg shell itself can be used for the task. Simply pour the egg back and forth between two halves of the egg shell. Do that skill over an open bowl to separate the egg whites. Many recipes call for egg whites or yolks that have been separated. Be ready to do just that when the recipe calls for it. There are complex devices that can be used to perform that task. But it takes a skilled hand to separate egg whites over a bowl. These egg whites can then be used for any kind of recipe.

Learn How To Make Roux:

Roux is a relatively simple task in any kitchen. Just melt butter and heat flour in the mixture. Wait until the flour browns in the butter in a pan. There is both light and dark roux mixes to make. Famous stew recipes and Cajun cooking rely on a great roux base. Use medium heat to start to darken the roux itself. Onions and other veggies can be diced in to the roux. That simplifies the cooking process and makes for an excellent kitchen hack. Be ready to demonstrate that simple task in front of a jealous audience.

Shredded Chicken:

A baked chicken breast can be plucked apart in no time. Save the shredded chicken in a bag and refrigerate as is needed. Other spices can be added to the bag to make the shredded chicken more flavourful. That mix is perfect for tacos and chicken salad later in the week. Busy cooks will appreciate that kind of feature in their kitchen. Kitchen hacks are often used to save time on the whole. Perfect the art of making shredded chicken and find a way to use it. Experiment with a few simple recipes to get started as soon as possible.

Best Blinds for your Kitchen:

Now let’s talk about a kitchen hack that is not food related – with so many options out there, which blinds or curtains out there are the most ideal for your kitchen? I would personal recommend wood venetian blinds, not only because they can easily add a stylish and finished look to your kitchen, but also because they consist of strong slats that can deal with the most challenging environments.

Making them the ideal blinds for the kitchen as sometimes it can get very wet and water can start splashing everywhere. Another quality benefit of wood venetian blinds is how easy it is to clean and wipe down, don’t worry about taking them down every time you need them cleaning, as you can eliminate any food splashes with a moist cloth. It might also be worth getting some Custom Window Coverings to ensure that the blinds fit the kitchen window properly. If they are ill-fitting, they may look untidy.

Use Tupperware:

Tupperware has a special place in the hearts of many cooks. It can be used to separate ingredients before the cooking gets started. Tupperware sets are easy to buy and find out on the open market. Tupperware is a helpful addition to any kitchen environment. Store food away in the fridge to use on another day. The material is durable and can be cleaned in the kitchen too. Look online to see a complete collection up for sale. Tupperware sets are sold by recognized brand names on the market. True cooking fanatics will find a Tupperware set that matches their specific needs and requirements.