Bicycles and salads are for the summer! Those are my memories, but while it is true, that the former are enjoyable and offer us many alternatives to have fun with friends and family, the latter can become monotonous if we do not vary them.

So in order to have fun eating salad and sharing it with your family and friends, here are some tips. And do not forget to choose an excellent, light and refreshing wine from PAF Wine to accompany the perfect summer salad!

1. Use nuts: in addition to adding a different touch of flavour to your salads, you will take care of your health at the same time since they are rich in fibres, proteins, minerals and vitamins.

2. Mix it up: different varieties of lettuce such as romaine, escarole or oak-leaf can help add variety to your salads. We also advise you to try using spinach as a base to make your best salad.

3. Variety: try different vinaigrettes, like extra virgin olive oil and special vinegars. The variety available is compelling and will stop your salads from being predictable!

4. It’s all about the base: pasta, rice and potatoes are the perfect base ingredients to innovate in your kitchen. Use them with some star ingredients like special salad sauce or cocktail sauce that will make your salads light and full of flavour.

5. Use fruit: convert fruit into another ingredient. It will add freshness to your dishes and a perfect touch of sweetness to enjoy a rich contrast of flavours. Add a touch of apple vinegar and you will have a spectacular result.

6. Final touches: have fun mixing sauces and mayonnaise. Try a touch of lemon or mix, for example, avocado with your favourite mayonnaise. Add sesame seeds as a final touch or opt for your favourite cocktail sauce that will add colour and a different flavour; with pineapple it is spectacular.

Final Thoughts On Salad Dressing

Do you dress your salad well? Here are 4 simple tips to remember to always have perfect results.

  • Order of the dressing: it is essential to achieve the desired balance of flavours. So it should always be (1) salt, (2) vinegar and then (3) extra virgin olive oil. The reason is simple, if you put the oil at the beginning it will prevent the rest of the ingredients from being absorbed.
  • Proportions: it is impossible to determine exact proportions since it will always depend on the palate of each diner, but for a good balance we recommend for every 4 parts of oil, use 1 of vinegar and salt to taste. If you are going to share the salad, the best option might be to put vinegar, olive oil and salt on the table so that each person can dress the salad to their liking.
  • Give it a different touch: if you want your dish to have a different touch, opt for apple or Modena balsamic vinegar for a bittersweet touch.

Here is one final trick – salads should always be seasoned before serving, so if you are going to take them on a picnic, try bringing a ready-made vinaigrette for everyone to use.

Happy salad days!