When the sun comes out, there is no better way to capitalize on great weather than with al fresco dining. This is where picnic planning comes into play, creating an opportunity to spend times with those you care about, and craft unforgettable memories.

There are multiple considerations when picnicking which extend beyond choices of food, but once you have selected the ideal location, learnt how to pack, and coordinated post-picnic entertainment, you are perfectly positioned to enjoy a fabulous day out.

Though you can enjoy yourself with basic resources, by incorporating gadgets you can modernize your experience and bring a wow factor unlike no other, turning traditional summer time into something more polished. Below are some fantastic examples of top gadgets that can bring uniqueness to proceedings, providing inspiration for your next picnic adventure.

These will help drag your picnic into the 21st century, adding convenience and sparking conversation unlike no other.

Lotus MiniGrill

This incredible piece of technology blows other portable stoves out of the water, allowing you to grill food on the go, a prospect which would have been nigh on impossible years ago. Users can cook their own food at picnics, an advantage which creates multiple possibilities besides eating pre-prepared cold foods. By functioning from battery power, the grill conveniently allows cooking from any location, thus serving as the perfect cooking device when detached from electric power.

The MiniGrill is easily transported, weighing just two kilograms, and is ready to cook on just three to four minutes from start up. The device has been remarked as the barbeque of the future, and best of all it is environmentally friendly, generating no smoke. This gadget will bring a wow factor to your picnic, and most importantly create diversity regarding the food options available to your guests.

Picnic Bag with Built in Radio

The Picnic Plus Cooladio Cooler with Built-in Radio is a fantastic picnic basket with multiple functions, incorporating advanced technology to help revolutionize your day out. With this cool device, you can add a touch of ambiance to your al fresco experience, with a carrying device which not only functions as a cool bag, but can play music too!

The bag can connect to your MP3 player, and incorporates a built-in speaker to entertain guests, bringing melody to your picnic and creating a talking point for participants. Cool novelty items such as these are fantastic to roll out in a group setting, but also have functional properties to enhance the enjoyment levels of your guests. 

Cordless Drink Maker

With this wondrous device, it is possible to make your own cocktails on the go, where besides being far from an electrical outlet, you can mix a cold drink to quench your thirst after a day in the sun. This is the perfect complement for any picnic, and once charged this impressive piece of equipment can make up to sixty drinks!

This clever gadget will enhance your experience while receiving approval and the recognition of your peers, who are likely to be amazed with each gadget you pull out.

Speaker Blanket

Blankets are a must have at picnics, creating comfort and warmth for when the temperature drops. There is a whole world of picnic blankets waiting to be discovered, and though the conventional type is perfect, why not spruce up your experience with modern technology?

One of the newest models on the market is the speaker blanket, which as the title suggests has a built-in speaker! This incredible feature doesn’t offer ear bleeding volume, but is a fantastic item to roll out to impress your guests. The fleece fabric is comfortable, and the speakers have a connector for phones and other music players, allowing you to play your favorites tunes during your picnic.

Solar Charger

With the JOOS solar charger it is possible to keep your electrical devices charged, including iPads, MP3 players, and phones, items which have become essential to most in today’s modern climate. This charger incredibly converts the sun’s energy into electrical energy for your device, meaning regardless of your location, your devices will be fully functioning for the entirety of your day.