Bathrooms are one of the most damp and moist areas of your home and installing electrical wiring is not something most people are too keen on experimenting with. For starters, it can risky endeavour, which could result in injury and accident. Then there are the legal issues like breaching home insurance policies and letting contracts. A huge headache for some and as a result, the majority of people opt for expert help from someone like

It is important to take special precautions before installing or modifying anything, be sure to protect with waterproofing the lighting, safety devices and airflow in your bathroom. Moreover you will need to add watertight lighting fixtures and effective ceiling fan ventilation with good airflow. When installing electrical wiring in the bathroom, you will need to follow safety precautions, so make sure your electrician or installation is up to AS/NZS 3000:2007 standards.

As bathroom tends to be the dampest area of the home, you will need to follow a few extra tips:

– If the property has silvery metal instead of copper, you most likely have aluminium wiring and should consult an expert

– You should avoid touching the fuse panel or circuit with both your hands as it can affect your heart adversely and thus you need to be careful when dealing with the fuse panel by keeping one hand in your pocket

– Fishing electrical wiring through the conduit can be successful with the ball of yarn and a pencil. There are some great YouTube videos that explain how to do this.

– When installing electrical wiring in a bathroom, you also have the option of using mirror clips for attaching a small wastebasket to the interior of the cabinet door of the bathroom for your use and convenience.

– A major issue that might affect your bathroom is when your bathtub sinks in which will lead the caulking surrounding the bathtub to last longer but curing the caulking can be done when you fill the bathtub to its brim.

The most important thing that you will need to remember is to seek the assistance of licensed electrician if you aren’t confident in fixing the issue yourself. If you have any specialist wiring in your home, like aluminium wiring, just call an expert for a quote. Best of luck with your repairs!