Sometimes it can be downright frustrating feeling hungry all day.  Sometimes even after eating a full meal you can find your stomach grumbling and find yourself daydreaming about the next time that you get to eat.  It is all too common in this modern age for your pants to fit just a little too tight or to have just a little too much when it comes to indulging.

Studies show that having a trim figure doesn’t only lead to higher self-esteem and a general satisfaction about yourself, but it also leads to a longer life and less age and obesity-related diseases.  Curbing your appetite is the first step in losing weight and becoming a healthier person.  Here are some of the most effective ways to get started.

Have a Liquid Snack

If you start to feel your stomach grumbling and feel like you could definitely sink your teeth into something delicious but there is no logical reason why you should be hungry since you’ve already had plenty of food, consider drinking an all natural juice.  Sometimes when you drink a hearty juice which is full of fiber and all natural vegetables and fruits it can trigger your stomach into realizing it has had all that it needs.

Studies show that when you fill your belly full of whole foods which are derived from the earth your body is more inclined to know when to stop.  Whereas if you are loading up on potato chips or things loaded in sugar you are more likely to keep consuming without stopping even when you know you should.

Drink More Coffee

Coffee is a natural appetite suppressant and will curb your urge to eat more.  The French are famous for having an espresso following a meal.  This small dose of coffee after a meal signals the body that it has finished eating and the coffee seals off their hunger triggers.

This does not mean that your meals should ever be replaced by coffee, however by incorporating a few cups of coffee of day you are less likely to eat more calories.

Chew Gum

A popular trick amongst nutritionists is reaching for a piece of sugar-free mint gum.  The mint flavor keeps your mouth busy and satisfied while also cutting your appetite since mint is an appetite suppressant.

Eat Bigger Meals

By eating full meals throughout the day rather than grazing small amounts, you will surprisingly usually eat less.

When it comes to calories consumed it is usually the little things that add up the most. By making a commitment to yourself to eat only meals and stop snacking, you will eat less overall and eventually your appetite will become accustomed to it.