Everyone wants their wedding to be a dreamy one that too budget-friendly. And, one thing that all the guests gathered at the wedding ceremonies remember is the food that has been served to them. No matter how the décor is, the venue is, food always remains the talk of the town.

So, we have to make sure that you hire the best wedding caterer in Chennai for your wedding who can satisfy the taste buds of your guests as well as in terms of budget and variety of cuisines.

So, WedMeGood has made a checklist of the things you have to keep in mind before booking your wedding caterer.

Set a budget for the catering:

Before you start hunting for a caterer, define a budget first. There are hundreds of amazing catering vendors who serve you in all shapes and forms and cater for different ceremonies.

Check Availability & ask for tasting samples:

After setting up a budget, you need to ensure that the caterers you have shortlisted are available for your wedding ceremonies.

Then you invite your shortlisted caterers for the first meeting and ask them to bring along some samples of multiple cuisines. You can also give them a list of some classic dishes you need that should be present in your wedding buffet.

Cost per plate:

The most essential thing to ask the caterer is their cost per plate. Make sure to bargain well with them and be clear on what their total package includes. Staff, tables, linens, chairs, and taxes should be discussed beforehand.

Food specialties that should be kept at the wedding:

A Big Fat Indian wedding is incomplete without the must-have food dishes on the wedding menu.

Make a list of cuisines that should be kept in the wedding buffet which includes Paneer Pasanda, Zafrani Pulao, Dal Makhani, Dahi Bhalla, Dilli ki Chaat, Alloo Tikki, Gol Gappa, Risottos, Gajar ka Halwa, Jalebi, Pan and many more.

After you finalize the food menu, ask the caterer to give you a list of price details for each dish.

Personal Involvement + Helping Staff:

Initially, before you finalize a caterer, they’ll promise you that they will be personally involved to monitor & supervise every arrangement. But on the wedding day, they give charge of the arrangements to their subordinates. So, make sure that your caterer is personally involved.

Also, ask them about the serving personnel they’ll provide at the wedding venue like what will they wear, are their charges included in the total package, how experiences are they, how many people are they going to provide, etc.

Ensure the hygiene standards and the sources of Ingredients:

Lastly, ensure that your caterer understands food safety and follows all hygiene procedures as nobody wants their guests to fall ill from eating tainted food.

From their portfolio, make sure that they use high-quality ingredients as catering businesses have many options as to where to buy their ingredients. From this, you can know about the process that they use to create their menus.