Having everything you want in any part of your home would be a dream that few are fortunate enough to live. The kitchen, being the hub for any social gatherings is definitely one of the rooms at the top of the list for a luxury makeover. Kitchens have developed more of an atmosphere to them and become more an integral part of the home, it has seen their stock rise and become one of the most design-conscious rooms in a home. So for those who spend most of their time in the kitchen making a hobby out of what many see as a chore, and for those looking for the highest-end appliances to fit in their new home what is available to keep them at the top pile.

Kitchen Aid

When it comes to kitchen appliances for baking, it doesn’t come much more obvious than a kitchen aide. At a price point that helps keep it at a level within reach of all budgets this magic all-in-one tool has been made even more popular by local baking shows, Kitchen Aids have become an essential item of the kitchen for those into shaking and baking.

Smart Fridges

Knowing what’s in when your out is as handy for your grocery list as it is you bank account. Everyone has at some point at multiple collections of eggs and vegetables that go off at different dates and are a struggle to keep track off. This where a smart fridge really earns back your money. Able to tell you what is in via Wifi whilst you are out shopping, able to keep track of what items are going out of date and also now having a screen on the front to which you can have reminders, recipes, messages and even media playing out from your fridge. This is one of the reasons why a kitchen remains the centre of parties.


When it comes to having a statement oven for your home, it doesn’t come better than an AGA, all though some love it and others hate it, It is hard to dispute the extras it can bring to home, especially through the chilly winter months. A winning recipe that has barely been tweaked since the last century these certainly hold their own against the most modern of ovens.

Making sure we didn’t go too quirky, we spoke to a luxury estate agent who gave us the lowdown on what is becoming more standard than niche in the current market. “Oven’s with monitors so you can view how your cake is baking without opening the door and humidifiers to keep your cigars as crisp as the day they were rolled in Havana. It is fair to say there is a huge market for luxury items in kitchens. Some of the more niche items are an ironing press that folds out of the kitchen top and has steam coming from bottom of it to help press suits in a quick and timely manner.”

That’s enough for ultra-luxury, let’s get back to some of the more standard items then shall we? 

Wine Fridge

Becoming less and less of a luxury every year, especially for those hoping to be a sommelier, wine fridges are not a lot more friendly to the average budget. The different dimensions available allows them to now fit in the smallest of spaces and at an estimated average yearly energy cost of £29 they really don’t break the bank.

Espresso/Coffee Machines

It seems to be the dream of almost every modern homeowner to have a shrine to the humble coffee bean in their house and be able to offer their guests a mind-boggling range of coffees. (Can you tell I don’t like coffee?) The range and competition in this market has helped increase quality, improve designs, minimise noise and lower prices. As the most common way for people to end a dinner party of any social engagement having a showstopping ending is at your fingertips with one of these.