When the weather gets cooler, nothing warms you from your head down to your toes like a good soup does!

Whether it is spicy or mild, soup is nourishing, packed with good-for-you ingredients, and heartening. While tomato soup is always a treat, if you are in the mood for something more exotic you will be glad to hear that your options are almost endless!

Curry Noodle Soup from Asia

Curries are popular throughout the Asian continent, particularly so in countries like India and Thailand. Adding curry to a rice vermicelli noodle-based soup will infuse it with the warmth and zest you are looking for when it is cold outside.

Black Bean Soup from Cuba

This healthy, hearty black bean soup is infused with flavours of black pepper, garlic, and olive oil and packed with beans and ham to fortify you. It is nourishing and tasty, and garnishing it with Greek yoghurt or sour cream will delight your taste buds.

French Onion Soup

There is not much that can beat the richness of a good French onion soup topped with crunchy croutons and lashings of cheese. The flavours of the soup itself are highlighted by the strains of asiago, gruyere, mozzarella, or Swiss cheese, or a combination of all of these!

Italian Wedding Soup

Don’t be misled by the name. This soup is very popular in Italian restaurants in the United States of America and is not traditionally served at weddings necessarily. The title refers to the coming together of the greens and broth in this concoction.

Mexican Pozole

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New England Clam Chowder

Experience the warmth New Englanders are so famous for by whipping up a pot of their beloved clam chowder. You will need bacon, pork, potatoes, herbs and spices like fennel, fresh parsley, and tarragon, and, of course, clams.

Spanish Bean Soup

A traditional soup from Spain, this dish is created by blending andouille, chickpeas, olive oil, onion and red potatoes. You can spice things up by substituting chorizo for the andouille if you feel like it but you can’t go wrong no matter which sausage you select for this nourishing, mildly spicy, flavour-full meal.

Turkey Avgolemono Soup from Greece

A traditional Greek recipe, you will be using turkey, rice, and a dash of lemon to create a meal that is as warming as it is invigorating.

Wonton Soup from China

While the concept of creating wontons at home may be a little intimidating, this delicious soup is surprisingly easy to pull together. It should take you roughly 40 minutes to ready and boasts a slew of authentic flavours in the form of fresh shrimp and vegetables and rich pork dumplings.