Most parents often get desperate about feeding their child properly, because the majority of children do not like eating the same food with adults, or at least the food served the same. Some kids are really picky about food, and feeding them becomes a nightmare sometimes. On the other hand, kids are growing and developing, so the parents have the ultimate goal of providing them with regular healthy meals. How to deal with all those issues at the same time? While burgers and fries from a Rooster Shack takeaway in Woking (or wherever you live) are okay once a while when you feel like treating your kids, or you’re absolutely not up for cooking, it’s important that children eat home-cooked food on a regular basis. Just look for some easy children-friendly recipes to make your life less stressful.

Feed Your Kid With Ease

A perfect meal for the child is the one his mom/dad cooks without excessive stress, the one that provides all nutrients the child needs, and the one the child is voluntarily willing to eat. So, if the mom is able to browse the hookup sites while the meal is being cooked, the meal is nourishing, and the child eats it without being blackmailed, this is an ideal option. Find out what dinner ideas to try out to achieve this harmony and peace in your kitchen.

Child-Friendly Dinner Ideas

These are the dinner variations you can try to make your child eat voluntarily and get the necessary nutrition, without you being exhausted on the kitchen and then dancing around the child trying to feed them:

  • grilled hotdogs. Remember that children love fancy serving, and they love hotdogs and all kind of stuff that can be stuffed with other stuff. You can generally out anything into a hotdog and the child is likely to eat it.
  • Spaghetti is fancy, fun to eat, tasty, easy to cook, and you can add anything on top, making the kid eat even vegetables.
  • meatballs, fishballs and vegetable balls. Balls are cool to eat and they look unusual. Decorate them with interesting stuff like sesame seeds, and the children will go crazy about this dish.
  • Although fried food is not the best for the child, you can make nuggets in the oven. Cooking anything in batter can help you mask useful vegetables under the fancy look.×0/filters:no_upscale():max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/GettyImages-598314231-594974c13df78c537b434d0c.jpg

  • Baking a pie means tripling the chances of the meal being eaten since pies are tasty, beautifully-looking, smell good, and you can stuff anything into it.
  • Tacos play the same game – they are easy to make, you can put anything inside, they look like unusual and not boring food, and the serving can be various.
  • Most children are in love with pizza because it is so colorful and unusual. The parent can add a lot of tasty and nourishing things on pizza.
  • bun cups. Make a cup of a bun, stuff the bun with anything you believe is nourishing and healthy, mask it with cheese and bake a bit in the oven. You’ll find your child happy about this dinner every time.
  • hot dog nuggets. Remember – if you can make a meal smaller in size, bite-size, and cute, your chances of feeding the child skyrocket. Chop the sausage and make tiny hotdogs, and the children will eat them faster than you expect. The trick works with all foods.