From romantic dining cruises to dolphin sightings, between the fun you’ll be enjoying on online casinos, here are some of the best romantic sunset cruises and tours.

Tampa Bay

Serving fantastic views of Tampa Bay (including the Tampa skyline) along with interesting facts about the city, the sunset cruises at Tampa Bay Fun Boats are an absolute must-do for an exclusive date. Bring along a bottle of wine for the romantic sunset cruise, relaxing aboard while Tampa lights up, surrounded by the impressively colored sky. In addition to enjoying the 2-hour cruise, which features a romantic view of sunset, you will be treated to a 3-course dinner, an open bar (beer and wine), and plenty of dancing time.

On this Sunset Dinner Cruise, your ticket includes entrance for the 2.5-3 hour cruise, with dinner added on after boarding.


On this 2-hour cruise, they will whisk you away approximately one hour before sunset, and will give you your choice of menu options for the four-course meal.

A refreshing dip in a saltwater jacuzzi, gorgeous islands, and a sight-seeing, 19 course fine dining, BBQ snacks, and bar are all what you get in the dinner cruise of Langkawi, and to skip such a great experience in your vacation is to commit sin. When booking the night cruises for enjoying the magnificence of the city by bays of the ocean, lakes, rivers, and more, it is known as the Dinner Cruise.


Dinner cruises do not just bring you a nice ride along a stream, lake, ocean, or river, they show off the splendor of a city with its blazing attractions at night. From calm harbor waters to the spirited nightlife experiences, couples can enjoy all while cruising, and this includes a glorious sunset as well.

With this cruise, you will enjoy tons of outdoor space to bask in the Hawaiian sunshine, gorgeous views of Waikiki Coast, Honolulus skyline, and lights, as well as stunning sunsets over Oahu. From the Statue of Liberty to the Empire State Building, and an amazing buffet lunch with international fare — you will have memories made during this cruise.

Sail away from the bustle of routine with an amazing ship, enjoy an epic dining experience, with beautiful views of the ocean. If sailing is more your speed than sailing, then use this as an opportunity to get away from NYC and just relax. Whichever cruise you decide on, this will provide a chance to see NYC from another point of view.


Choose from group or private cruises, and there are options for dining, drinking, and on-board entertainment. For an extra luxurious experience, upgrade to First Class, enjoy drinks at a premium open bar, and truly make your cruise a special one. The dinner cruise offers an evening of a lifetime, with Tahoe’s famous sunsets, breathtaking views, locally-sourced food, and live entertainment.


Take the plunge into the Wisconsin Dells region, and hop onboard one of these Wisconsin dinner cruises for an evening filled with impressive boat-tour landscapes, stunning sunset views, tasty surf-and-turf dishes, excellent music, and a relaxed walk around Witches Gulch. At the end of these Wisconsin Dinner Cruises, enjoy a casual walk down a torchlit pathway in Witches Gulch, where you will witness more amazing rock formations and other natural features. Take a break from the waterparks and enjoy some live music from Dan Soma on board as you cruise into the sunset down Upper Dells in the Wisconsin River, boasting gorgeous sandstone cliffs and unique rock formations.