Everyone loves to have a picnic once the weather finally breaks, but nothing is worse than having a rainy day ruin your plans! One way to beat the heat and the rain is to throw an indoor picnic. Invite friends, your neighbors, and your kids to the best indoor picnic they’ve ever been to. Here are some tips on how to throw a great indoor picnic.

Have Delicious, Creative, and Fun Food

To ensure that you have great and unique food while sticking with the theme of a picnic, try a sandwich bar. Get a variety of deli meats, veggies, and condiments to have a great spread. Make sure to include everyone’s favorite cheeses, sauces, and bread. You can include soda and juices, along with an assortment of veggie, fruit, and pasta salad sides. This makes a fun and easy meal situation, with little work and clean up, while sticking with the fun part of having a picnic.

Have Great Entertainment

Image via Flickr by Christian Collins

Have an indoor theater movie day! This idea is especially great if you have a younger audience joining you. When the weather takes a turn for the worse and it’s gloomy and rainy, nothing is better than turning down the lights and watching movies.

While you enjoy your picnic, lay out the blankets and pillows for cushions and have a plethora of movies based on the audience you plan to entertain. Have some fun movie snacks, such as candy, popcorn, and chips. Make it nice and cool in your home, creating the perfect environment for watching movies. This makes sure that your guests will be entertained.

Make Sure You’ve Had Proper HVAC Maintenance and Cleaning Done

Another great tip is to crank the AC to make sure your home is at a nice comfortable temperature for your guests. You definitely want to beat the humidity that comes along with summer rain! Nothing is worse than having a broken or poorly working AC, so make sure to have your HVAC maintenance and cleaning done so your home is a comfortable temperature while your guests arrive. If you don’t already have a HVAC system installed in your home, it might be time to consider getting one. They can be really beneficial for homeowners in the summer and winter, ensuring that the house doesn’t get too cold or hot. To learn more about getting one installed, it might be worth visiting sittonmechanical.com/air-conditioning/ac-installation/, for example.

Have Fun with the Decor

Get decorative with your home! Nothing is worse than having a gloomy atmosphere, so get creative with your decorations. Make sure to encapsulate the summer feeling by doing a tiki-themed picnic or even just going all out with the picnic theme itself. Put cute checkered tablecloths on your tables or lay big blankets on your living room floor. Bunting is also a fun and easy way to really spice up your decor. It which can be purchased from a gift shop or, if you want to try the more inexpensive route, the local discount shop.

Weather can really put a damper on your summer plans, especially when rain and humidity play a role. Indoor picnics can be just as fun as outdoor ones, especially with good food, entertainment, and a great running AC unit. Follow these tips and tricks and don’t let the rain ruin your summer picnic.