Pressure cookers use high pressure to cook foods quickly by increasing the boiling point of liquids. This way of cooking is popular because it’s fast and doesn’t require large amounts of water, time or energy. The drawback to using the pressure cooking method is that any defect in the pressure cooker can cause a dangerous explosion resulting in serious burns and other injuries.

Common Pressure Cooker Defects

Pressure cookers, including the Power Pressure Cooker XL, can be a hazard due to defects. Some of the most common defects of this equipment include:

  • Inadequate sealing of the lid which allows hot liquid, steam and cooking contents to escape
  • Defective gaskets that don’t properly seal the lid and allow for premature opening of the lid before the pressure has been gradually released which can cause steam and contact burns
  • Improper ventilation of steam resulting in an explosion

Any accident, even if it is minor, can cause burns and other injuries when using a pressure cooker. This may result in those being hurt having to have physical therapy or using medications for a period of time, whether that be prescribed by a doctor or them looking to Buy the best CBD gummies in UK to aid them in managing their pain. Manufacturers have a duty to sell safe products and provide proper warnings regarding safety hazards. When their products fail and result in injury, these manufacturers must be held accountable. Tristar, the maker of the Power Pressure Cooker XL, has already been hit with several lawsuits involving the defective product that explodes without warning and has caused many injuries.

Power Pressure Cooker XL Lawsuits

The Power Pressure Cooker XL features at least six safety features. These are:

  • Lid safety lock that should make it virtually impossible to remove the lid while the pot is pressurized
  • Pressure and temperature sensor controls that should prevent overheating and excessive pressure
  • Back-up safety release valve that will release pressure if the unit’s sensor controls fail
  • Clog-resistant feature should prevent food from clogging the steam-release valve
  • Spring-loaded safety pressure release is located underneath the unit’s heating element and is designed to allow steam and pressure to escape should all other safety controls fail
  • Temperature cut-off device automatically shuts power off to the device if the internal temperature rises above a safe level

Considering all the safety features that the Power Pressure Cooker XL advertises, you would think it would be a safe device to use. However, that is not the case as can be seen when tracking the reports of injuries from using the pressure cooker and also by reviewing the number of lawsuits that have been brought on behalf of consumers who’ve been injured by this product. If you’ve suffered injuries from the Power Pressure Cooker XL, it is time to talk to an experienced attorney to see what your next steps should be.

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