Super bowls: seven tasty winter soups

From rich and creamy mushroom to spicy pumpkin, try these delicious vegetarian soups.

Are seeds and dried fruit a healthy snack option?

We answer your nutrition questions

Salute to Autumn salad days

As summer fades, there is no need to put the salad bowl away. Try throwing in more robust flavours such as wood sorrel — or mushrooms from the forest.

Seafood risotto with thyme and saffron

A bag of frozen prepared, raw squid, prawns and tiny queen scallops is a useful thing to have in the freezer at this time of year. The seafood defrosts quickly and makes a lovely risotto, this one flavoured by thyme and saffron and finished with parsley.

Ten-minute Thai beef salad

This is a great way to use up Sunday’s leftover roast beef, and takes me back to balmy nights on the beach in Ko Phi Phi in no time at all.

Snacking and strolling ruins diet by encouraging you to eat more

Dieters who snack while walking tend to go on to binge on unhealthy food, a pilot study suggests.

Homework earns marks… for parents

A school in Nottinghamshire is grading its pupils’ parents based on the support they give to their children. Greasley Beauvale primary school marks parents from A to D on engagement with school activities and homework.

Taught Parenting

There is no shame in admitting that raising children may not come naturally.