The Oldest Cocktails in History

People have enjoyed getting drunk since the dawn of time but most of the cocktails we sip nowadays are relatively new inventions. These drinks are defined as alcohol mixes containing at least three ingredients, of which one is a spirit. The Manhattan Add ice, sweet vermouth, and

Strange Fish Dishes from Around the World

Fish lovers who enjoy trying new things will be glad to know about all the different meal options the world has to offer. Explore things you’ve never tasted before and who knows? You may find a new favourite dish! Fugu, from Japan The fugu is a pufferfish

Soups from Around the World

When the weather gets cooler, nothing warms you from your head down to your toes like a good soup does! Whether it is spicy or mild, soup is nourishing, packed with good-for-you ingredients, and heartening. While tomato soup is always a treat, if you are in the

Out-of-the-Ordinary Snacks

When it comes to snacking, the sky’s the limit. Whether you are looking for something to tide you over until your next meal or just want something to satisfy a sudden craving, you will find it here! As soon as you spot something that makes your mouth

Why the Humble Pie is a Still a Favourite

On a cold British evening there are few meals more comforting than a traditional pie. Shepherds Pie is probably one of the most famous, even if it’s not considered a true pie by many people, but there are many more pies which grace the tables of any

Why you should have art in your apartment or house

Moving into a new house can be stressful and exciting at the same time. It’s a new chapter in our lives and we have to deal with a lot of changes. Today I want to focus more on the most positive part about moving into a new

China Nanning Hotel Guide: Top 5-stars Hotels & Budget Hotels Around NICEC China

Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center (NICEC), China occupies a strategic position sitting on the east of Mingehu Lake. The site is famous for its architectural brilliance and hosting ASEAN Expo. The building features a translucent dome that symbolizes the blooming of a flower. Today, it has

How to make your own wine

A nice glass of wine is the preferred tipple of many and provides an ideal way to unwind after a long day at work. But, wine can be expensive, and even if you buy the cheapest supermarket wine, the cost can still inflate your weekly shopping bill.