Before we get started I would just like to take the opportunity to welcome you to A Scientist In The Kitchen. I started this blog a few years back so I could share a few of the cooking tips that I have developed over the years with a community of people who may be able to use them.

By coming to this site you have access to advice and information from our entire community, many of whom use our blog to talk about their own experiences. But before I go into any more detail about that, let me tell you some more about me.

Who Am I?

My name is Anna Jones and I am a stay-at-home mom who lives in San Diego. I have devoted myself to raising the four children that I have with my husband, Richard. The two of us met through a mutual friend and the sparks flew instantly. I managed to hold back for a little while and play hard to get, but I think we both knew that we would end up together.

We are now married and experience great joy in watching our children grow. As for what that entails for the two of us, Richard is an architect who has worked on a number of buildings in the area. Happily, for the entire family, he is able to do a lot of his work from home, especially his designs and drawings, which means he is able to spend more time than most with our children.

For my part, I allow my passion for cooking to bring the family together. I take great priced in the meals that I prepare for the family and have been getting everybody involved in cooking for years. My hope for my kids is that I can raise them with the basic cooking skills that they are going to need to get along in life when they finally fly from the nest.

My Cooking

That almost brings me around to this blog and my reasons for starting it, but first I want to talk about what makes me passionate about cooking. I have also been interested in discovering foods from other cultures. During my travels, I have come along a lot of local delicacies that I incorporate into my cooking in any way that I can. Some of the most fun I have with my family is when we all get in the kitchen to experiment. Results may vary, but sharing those precious moments with the people who mean the most to me is an experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

I also have a longstanding interest in nutrition and want to use my own knowledge to educate as many people as possible about what foods they should be eating and how they can balance their diets so their bodies’ nutritional needs are met.

That brings me to A Scientist In The Kitchen.

My Reasons For Starting The Blog

My desire to share my experience and knowledge with others has only grown since I had children. While I spend as much time as I can showing my kids new things, I want as many people as possible to learn from what I have experienced and, as importantly, I want to hear from people who have new recipes, ideas, and advice.

That desire led to the creation of A Scientist In The Kitchen. This blog started as a means for me to provide advice to families who want to make cooking a more regular part of the time they share together. You will find all sorts of information here as we cover everything from healthy recipes and unique ideas, through to advice for getting your children involved and how to get youngsters to eat healthily.

My Goals For The Future

While A Scientist In The Kitchen started out as a little bit of a personal project and hobby, I have discovered that there is an audience for what I share on the blog.

Recently I have been able to use this blog to generate a little income that goes towards providing for my family. By selling advertisements, reviewing products and recommending recipe books, I have been able to develop the site into a money-making endeavor, while not compromising any of the credibility that I have worked so hard to gain.

My goal for the future is simple. I want to provide you with useful information while using my blog to provide a better life for my family.

Happy Cooking – Anna Jones