When most people think of champagne they think of times for celebration and fun. Mixing champagne with other ingredients to make champagne cocktails is a great way to make a terrific drink even better. Also if you want to make these in your college dorm then all you need is to get cheap fake IDs to get your alcohol in order to make these fantastic cocktails! Here are some champagne cocktail recipes to try. The links will take you to sites that will offer more delicious recipes,

Before you start:

The main ingredients and apparatus you will need before starting is a cocktail kit which can be bought cheaply online, a selection of liquors which will be explained as you read on, fruit and ice and finally the main ingredient, champagne. If you are on a budget any sparkling wine will be fine or alternatively if you still want that luxury appeal there are many sites online to help you find the best deals on champagne by comparing a large variety of suppliers. This is advisable if you are buying in bulk.

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Kir Royale
This classic cocktail uses champagne and Crème de cassis (a liqueur made from blackcurrants). It is derived from the less luxurious Kir which uses white wine instead of champagne. It is named after FèlixKir, a priest and World War II French Resistance hero who invented the drink from the two local ingredients. Method: pour the cassis into the bottom of a wine glass or champagne flute and top up with champagne. The quantities should be one part cassis to nine parts champagne, but the amount of cassis used can vary according to individual taste. Garnish with a blackberry or raspberry.

Difficulty: 1

The classic champagne cocktail
This is simply champagne with cognac, a sugar cube and bitters. Method: put a sugar cube into a spoon and pour over 2 dashes of bitters. After it has absorbed the bitters put the sugar cube into a champagne flute and then pour in 20ml of a good cognac and top up it all up with champagne.

Difficulty: 2

Like Kier Royale, this cocktail combines champagne with a rich juice, this time cranberry, with the addition of Cointreau. Method: to one bottle of champagne, which should be very dry, add 500ml of cranberry juice and 125ml of Cointreau. This is best done in a large pitcher. For easy preparation the cranberry juice and Cointreau can be mixed and kept chilled prior to adding the chilled champagne when guests arrive.

Difficulty: 3

Jubal Early Punch
Named after the Confederate United States General Jubal Anderson Early, this punch will surprise many. It is one of the lesser-found punches to use champagne and makes a good centrepiece at a party, allowing guests to help themselves. Method: In a punch bowl, mix a bottle of champagne with one and a half cups of brandy, 4 ounces of dark rum, a quart and a cup of water and a cup each of superfine sugar and lemon juice.

Difficulty: 4

Sour Witch
One of the more complex and potent champagne cocktails, a Sour Witch makes an impressive excursion into the cocktail world. Method: take 4 pitted sour cherries and muddle them in 12 ml of lime juice and 20ml of almond syrup. Add 37 ml of Absinthe and ice and shake well. Then strain the mixture into a champagne flute and top up with champagne. Garnish with freshly-grated nutmeg.

Difficulty: 5