Working as a cook can be highly rewarding and allows you to turn your passion into a legitimate career. However, you might be wondering how to earn more within your current role as a cook to help make your decision and educate yourself more in this area make sure to get yourself a good fnb consultant singapore.


We have provided some top tips for making extra money as a cook. A resume is important to demonstrate that you deserve to earn the big bucks. Check out our cook resume examples to increase your chances of making more as a cook.

Negotiate a Higher Wage

Perhaps the most obvious way to earn more as a cook is to ask your employer for a raise. If you are a loyal employee who works hard and brings a lot to the company, your boss is much more likely to give you a wage raise or bonus.

Although this is not guaranteed to work, sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. The success of this strategy depends on the type of company you work for and how your boss runs things. However, if it feels appropriate and you think you deserve a higher wage, sometimes simply asking can be a great idea.

Build Your Brand

You will be more employable and able to earn a more competitive salary if you build your brand. Develop your brand by having a solid online presence. You might have sought the help of companies like ARC Resumes and designed an excellent resume and portfolio that could attract others. However, having an online presence also does help garner maximum attention. Showcase your cooking skills on social media platforms, like Instagram, to reach a global audience.

Cooks with a large following are valuable to restaurants because they bring in customers. Employers will want to ensure you stay with their company by paying you more.

Consider How You Get Paid

You should decide whether you want a salaried or hourly paid job.

  • Salaried. Salaried jobs guarantee a certain number of hours every week and are entitled to a decent amount of paid leave. However, you’re less likely to be accurately paid for overtime and might not get extra pay for working holidays.
  • Hourly. If you are paid hourly, you get paid for any overtime and are not subject to the same contracts as salaried workers. The disadvantages of hourly pay are that employers can cut your hours easily, and it’s harder to claim sick leave.

Change Your Career Direction

There are many non-conventional career options for cooks that could be financially beneficial. These options range from working as a private chef on a yacht to running a food truck. Whichever direction you choose to go in, it’s essential to keep an open mind.

If you feel stuck in your current role as a cook and your wage is not what you would like, consider mixing up how you approach your career. Research local opportunities related to the food industry and push yourself to find a more fulfilling role.

Teach Cooking Classes

A great way to earn extra money as a cook is to offer cooking classes. You can conduct these lessons online or in-person to share your passion for food while earning money.

You can reach out to local businesses if you need to hire a kitchen or equipment, and so long as you get a permit, you’re good to go! Cooking classes can be an inspiring way to earn some money, gain recognition, and flex your teaching skills.

Write a Food Blog

If you enjoy writing about food, why not start a food blog to earn extra money. Starting a blog is easy with free online blogging sites and can be a fun way to share your talents, build your image, and earn money.

You can monetize your blog posts by reaching out to brands and agreeing to recommend their products, such as cooking equipment. You can also charge people to buy advertisements on your blog for a fee to boost your income.

Please see the helpful resource below for more information on how you can use your customer’s data to become a better cook and restaurant owner.

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