When you have accrued enough miles to cover your ticket price, you can get free flights with a loyalty program. Ethiopian Airlines offers a loyalty program that gives passengers access to exclusive rewards for flying on its domestic, regional, and international flights regularly.

In this case, you can redeem loyalty points for other benefits, like discounts, complimentary admission, and premium upgrades to services from the airline and its affiliated partners. Your membership to an airlines loyalty program saves you time and trouble when booking flights, as well as in activities that require you to provide personal information.

This builds a connected network of partners, where the customer can accumulate airline loyalty points even when they are not flying. Initially, the airline was the one issuing loyalty points in the first place, but partnerships developed over time, and partners started buying loyalty points from airlines to give out to their customers for a variety of activities. Over the years, buying became a large business and provided the airlines with a cash cow of regular income. The main way of earning points on frequent flyer programs, up until recent years, was by flying on an affiliated airline.

Many airlines have frequent-flyer programs designed to incentivize airline customers who sign up to join a program to accrue points (also called miles, kilometers, or segments) that can then be redeemed for airline tickets or other rewards, like credits for sites like https://www.robinroo.com/en, or a dining experience in a prestigious restaurant

Some cards provide airline miles immediately, others provide points in currency which may be transferred into airline miles at some later time. This lack of availability has since been mitigated by non-airline rewards programs, such as certain credit cards (see above) and other business programs (Expedia Rewards, Starwood Preferred Guest) that let the member search and buy award tickets using points, just like using cash.

The Rapid Rewards program allows only points earned for flights on Southwest (or purchases made through Southwests retail partners), and one attains A-List status after taking 25 flights or earning 35,000 points within one year. Brand-specific flat-rate loyalty programs (such as United Airlines and JetBlue TrueBlue) award points on purchases of directly-booked flights.

Fixed-rate mileage programs are usually run by several U.S.-based airlines, but they can have associated credit cards managed by the issuers of the cards — such as the Chase United Airlines Rapid Rewards Premier Credit Card. Traditional loyalty programs are often associated with credit cards that earn miles for certain or all purchases – for example, the Gold Delta SkyMiles(r) credit card from American Express, which uses the American Express branding and can be swiped at any merchant accepting American Express. Enhanced partner marketing builds stronger relationships with members outside travel, providing opportunities to earn and redeem miles beyond flying or spending with the partner cards.

Many airlines (except some budget airlines such as Frontier, Spirit, and Allegiant) are part of alliances, meaning points earned on one airline can usually be used to redeem awards on another. The points earning structures are similar in those programs, and both let customers use a mix of cash and points to book flights (although United has the advantage when it comes to partner airlines and award destinations). On the American Airlines AAdvantage program, for instance, you can pay for an entire vacation package entirely with points. Starting in 2022, American Airlines recently announced that it would streamline its AAdvantage program, so that brand-name credit card spend and flights will count toward one lump sum of loyalty points, instead of asking fliers to meet separate spend and fly thresholds.

If one of your travel goals is planning a dream vacation, such as to Spain or Hawaii, consider optimizing loyalty to the program for an airline that offers a reward flight for the dream vacation. With an unaffiliated travel rewards credit card, the cardholder may purchase a ticket in positive space, considered revenue class, which may award points for the passenger on airline flights.