While the Emmys are usually a stand out, the Oscar is still the most awaited award ceremony by a mile. While you can decide to watch the event alone in your pajamas or with a small group of your closest friends, why not mix it up and throw a glammed-out party instead? Here are some tips for the perfect Oscar party.

Think Food First

A party isn’t a real party without good grub. And Oscar night is the perfect time to go all out and roll out that fancy cutlery you’ve been hiding.

You could decide to go with a full catered affair and have your friends chip in if they’re up for it. However, there are chances caterers will charge a little more around Oscar season due to the high demand. So why not cook yourself, with the help of some of your friends or family instead?

Appetizers are the perfect Oscar party food and will allow you to watch the event without missing a beat. Plus, what’s more glamorous than great appetizers with a glass of your favorite Chianti decked in your best jewelry?

If you want something a little more hearty, you might want to go with homemade pizza pockets, Italian sliders or you could even use a sub catering company for real convenience. For dessert, you could get creative and make Academy award shaped cookies or cupcakes.

Set the Tone

You can decide to go highbrow or for something more casual. It’s all up to you and what you think your friends would be up to. There’s no need to go for a full on black tie affair if you don’t know if your friends even own one.

Or you could go crazy and make it a costume party and ask people to come dressed as their favorite character. That’ll be sure to be a great ice breaker and will set the perfect tone for the party.

Think About Entertainment

While the Oscars should be the main attraction, it doesn’t mean it should be the only one. Make sure that you plan for some distraction to kill downtime before, during and after the ceremony. You could also play party games that tie into the Oscars.

For instance, you could give out mock ballots to your guests and ask them to guess the winners in each category. Create ballots along with a scoring system, tally up the results at the end of the night and give a prize to the winner. Remember to keep the whole thing fun and in the spirit of friendly competition.

You could also think about giving little swag bags to your friends on their way out. You could pick up some little mock statuettes from a party store for instance and fill a bag full of goodies. It doesn’t have to be something expensive, the thought alone will score you some serious points.

Throwing the perfect Oscar party is the best way to celebrate the ceremony with your closest friends. Go all out and make sure to throw an event your friends will love and remember.