Summers – the time you either get a new AC unit or have the existing one repaired! Even though people enjoy a good summer tan, no one wants to constantly feel the sweltering sun on their face. As for food, the choices are more often than not something pleasing to the palate! Usually, a good summer dinner means light and refreshing meal. Your summer meals should include fresh green and leafy vegetables, seasonal local produce, citrus flavours for that powerful bang and a whole lot of deliciousness. If you can’t decide what to make for dinner tonight, here are 12 easy summer dinner ideas for you. Events catering companies in London swear by these delicious summer dishes, and you will too.

1. Sushi bowls

Think of this as deconstructed sushi. You need the basic sushi

ingredients – thinly sliced salmon, dried nori, rice, avocado, cucumber, ginger

– whatever kind of sushi you like. You can even convert this into a vegetarian sushi bowl. It’s healthy, it’s filling and it’s yummy.

2. Grilled chicken with mango salsa

Mango salsa is the best kind of salsa – so tangy yet so sweet.

Mangoes are traditional summer fruits, so of course, they should be a part of

your summer diet! Protein for dinner is a good way to stay full without

overdoing it on calories. Don’t forget to add some jalapenos and lime to tingle all your taste buds.

3. Homemade tacos

Homemade tacos filled with carrots, cucumber, avocados,

scallions and cheese – how refreshing does that sound? Ground beef and pulled

pork can also be added as fillings, however, these red meats might be a little

heavy. We suggest minced chicken or crab meat as the filling instead. Batter-fried shrimp with red cabbage will make a great filling too.

4. Watermelon, tomato, feta and rocket salad

Watermelons contain 92 percent water, which is great to keep you

hydrated. Tomatoes contain an antioxidant called lycopene which helps save your

skin from sunburns. Rocket leaves are those green leafy vegetables that should be a part of your everyday diet while feta cheese just tastes delicious!

5. Cornflakes chicken with roast potatoes

Cornflakes chicken is nothing more than a healthier take on

fried chicken. Instead of coating the chicken with batter and fry it, you’ll

coat it with cornflakes and bake it – healthier and crunchier. Roast potatoes

with a drizzle of olive oil and rosemary – so delicious. A perfect wholesome meal!

6. Cold pasta salad

Ah, a cold pasta salad on a warm summer day is so refreshing. A

pesto base pasta salad is always a great idea! Add your favourite green leafy

vegetables, cherry tomatoes, avocados and pine nuts to create a tasty cold salad.

7. Burrito bowls

In our opinion, the easiest and tastiest summertime meal!

All you need is brown rice, sour cream, salsa, black beans, sweet corn, chopped

vegetables and some meat. The freshness of the salsa, the tart of the sour cream and the crunch of the fresh vegetables – it doesn’t get better than this!

8. Spaghetti

It’s easy to make, light on the stomach and it lasts for quite a

few days. Spaghetti in red sauce is a great idea. Opt for fresh tomato puree to

enjoy the richness and flavour of summer’s favourite fruit. Even a simple

spaghetti dish like Aglio olio is an option; you can never go wrong with Aglio olio.

9. Grilled sliders

These are ideal for meals on the go or to carry for a potluck

dinner. Plus, your kids will absolutely love these. Grilled chicken or pulled

pork is a great meat filling. Don’t forget to add lots of freshly chopped

scallions, thinly sliced pickles and some fresh salad leaves for a good crunch.

10. Prosciutto pizza

Nothing says summer like a prosciutto pizza. Don’t forget to add some rocket leaves and shaved parmesan plus a drizzle of olive oil. This delicious pizza looks like summer and tastes like summer, in every bite! Pair this pizza with a glass of white wine or a Bellini to enjoy your meal to the fullest.

11. Lemon baked salmon

Nothing tastes as refreshing as a citrus salmon on a warm summer day. You can bake it, grill it, pan sear it or even let it cook in its own marinate. However, we do recommend using lots of lime, butter and garlic to make perfectly cooked salmon that

melts in your mouth. Moist and flavourful, you can never go wrong with a well-made salmon.

12. Thai lettuce wraps

Crunchy, refreshing and so delicious, Thai lettuce wraps are the perfect summer dish. They’re ideal for the calorie-conscious, they can be made within minutes and they’re packed with flavour. Plus, these lettuce wraps have the daily basics – green leafy lettuce, protein filling, some fresh vegetables and a lemon juice drizzle. Having said that, you might have to use lettuce within 2-3 days of receiving it, since lettuce lifespan can be short, and depending on the variety you have, it may go bad sooner than you thought.

When you think of the ideal summertime dinner, think of light meals that are easily digested. Make sure to use local seasonal fruits and vegetables in your meal and go easy on heavy meats. We always recommend lean protein in the summer as it is much easier to digest! Don’t forget to pack a ton of flavour coupled with lots of fresh vegetables to create a light and delicious dinner that will soon become a family-favourite!