With most of Britain still living under lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, having birthdays, weddings or anniversary celebrations is no longer easy. Besides the pandemic changing our lifestyles, there are still various ways of showing your loved ones that you still care about them by giving them some of the best lockdown gift ideas.

In this article, you will get some fabulous gift ideas that come in various shapes and sizes. Most gift ideas will be a great way of showing your friends or loved ones that you still care about them during this lockdown.

Check out these gift ideas that you can give your friends or family during these unusual times and let them know you still care about them.

Lockdown gift ideas

1. Mixologist cocktail kit

This is perfect because it has all the equipment you would require to make awesome cocktails at home. You will find a measure, a muddler, fine-strainer, cocktail shaker and cocktail spoon in the set. Since it is almost impossible to enjoy one together, theirs can be the real deal.

2. Pamper gift set

This pamper gift set is designed for gifting. The gift set includes bath salts, a face mask, chocolates and tea lights. All these are the best ingredients for an amazing night in. In fact you can even find some other pamper set items online too, they can come in all shapes and sizes and all different fragrances – candles of course – the gifts for all occasions! You can get them in wax melt form too, which are famously successful, and with some of the most beautiful fragrances. They are bound to please, and definitely necessary, especially if everyone is stuck in their stuffy homes.

3. Prima subscription

Do your friends and family need positivity? They can be excited if they have a monthly door delivery of prima. Prima contains tips, clever ideas and tricks. Get your friends to enjoy lots of delicious recipes, fashion and beauty ideas, family advice and many more. You also have a chance to get a free prima pattern on all issues.

4. 3-month subscription of letterbox wine

This will be a perfect gift idea for wine lovers. The three-month subscription comes with white, red and rose wines being delivered to your doorstep in a special flat bottle that comes in a straight design to fit through the letterbox. It will be a nice experience getting to taste new wines and it will actually be a great idea to have a toast together through a video call.

5. Teaspoon seaweed seasoning

This is a unique gift idea for those who are foodies and can spend away their evenings getting to try new flavors. This set of Seawood seasonings comes in different flavors. They are harvested in Devon and the good thing about them is that you can sprinkle them in your favorite smoothies, salads, soups, or other dishes.

6. Bad brownie box

For those who really love chocolates, then this can be a perfect idea for them. Brownie box offers the latest and the best brownie cakes. Besides that, they also provide gift sets. Be sure to check them regularly to see cakes added recently and surprise your loved ones, family or friends with some brownie cakes.

7. A craft kit

If you have a crafter, give them this kit so that they have all they need to start doing a mindful project during the lockdown.

8. Something with a special picture

Pictures are everything right now, currently we can’t be close to our loved ones, so why not use an image of happier times together to personalise something? Like necklaces (personalisierte Foto Halskette) which look amazing! Or even a pillow with your favourite picture together on it! There are so many things that you can customize now using online shops, which, let’s face it, we’d have been lost without over the past year. As we head into 2021, what better way to celebrate a fresh start than with Custom Photo Desk Calendars. As we leave 2020 behind, we can flip the calendar and see all the faces we love (and count the days until we can see them again).

9. A personalized gift

Like pictures can remind people of happy times bygone, a personalized gift can be a timeless reminder of love and affection. Personalized gifts show people that you are making an effort and that you are thinking of them during tough times too. A piece of jewellery that has the person’s name engraved on it could be a good gift to give. You could check out Name Necklace Official for customized designs and choose something that’ll show your loved one that you care. There are plenty of other personalized gift ideas that you could explore, too!


These are just but a few gift ideas that can put a smile on someone’s face during this lockdown. Whatever their interest may be, there is always an ideal gift that you can get them.