Recently Americans have started to notice that in terms of eating well and having slim physiques, the French seem to surpass the Americans as a whole.  If you look around on a French street you will see most people have healthy body shapes and weights.  Whereas in the United States one in three people are obese, many of them requiring a wheelchair or walker.

The French take their nutrition very seriously.  It isn’t something that they take lightly by any means.  Most French people would agree without a doubt that they surpass Americans when it comes to nutritional quality. Here are the reasons why.

They Eat Whole Foods

The French like to go to the market at least several times a week and purchase fish that was caught that day, fresh vegetables which are from a local garden, and bread which was produced with all natural and whole ingredients.

Rarely do you see a French person opening up a microwave TV dinner or anything which is processed which comes out of plastic?  You usually see French families eating full course meals with meats, fresh vegetables, and whole grains.  Most of their meals are derived from a natural source and are easy for the body to digest since it breaks down easily.

Their Portions Are Smaller

The French have portions which are reasonably sized and make them feel satisfied after finishing their plates.  You will often see Americans go back for second portions and sometimes even third portions.  You will rarely see a French person have more than one plate.

One of the many things that are unique about their diet is that when you are less likely to have more servings if you are eating whole, natural food.

They Don’t Snack

Americans are known for snacking between meals and grazing through the kitchen cupboards.  What may seem like a few innocent calories can start to add up throughout the day to an entire whole meal.

This means that Americans are essentially eating three full meals a day rather than the recommended three.  

The French focus on meals rather than small snacks.  They take their meals very seriously and eating as a family is crucial.

They Eat Lots of Vegetables

When you see Americans plates you will tend to see a lot of starches and heavy carbs surrounding the meat or whatever main portion is on their plate.  French tend to fill their plates with a variety of vegetables and rarely will you see large amounts of heavy fried or heavy starches.

They almost always incorporate a vegetable into their meals and teach children from a young age to appreciate their veggies. Unlike American children who have strong aversions to anything green.