What you eat can have a gigantic impact on various aspects of your life. And one of the sort of transitional experiences that you can expect is moving from a state of distress to a state of recovery. And if you want to make that go as smoothly as possible, think about the best things for you to eat.

Consider situations like getting over addiction, recovering from sadness, recovering physically from some athletic event, recovering from holiday eating, and then on the other side of that, recovering from fasting. All of these can involve some type of change in your basic eating habits.

Getting Over Addiction

When you are trying to get over an addiction of some sort, nutrition can play a big part on how quickly that this can happen. Eating healthy foods that are specifically put in front of you that will help with withdrawal symptoms is going to play a huge part in making sure that you change your habits for good. In addition, if you eat the right food with the right people under the right circumstances, this will all come together to improve your chances of success.

Recovery From Sadness

Sadness is a part of life. Nowadays, though, people are much more aware of mental health issues like depression and are more comfortable talking about their emotions. Plus, there are plenty of treatment options around now as well, from prescribed anti-depressants to a more natural alternative like CBG oil in Ireland or THC, which can be used in a vape (source). However, one thing that will never change is the fact that some people turn to food when they are sad or depressed. There are two ways to approach this. Either you can eat things that are bad for you in your recovery process, or you can choose to eat foods that will give you energy, make you feel better, and improve your attitude in trying times. Many people turn to comfort food when they are sad, but this essentially just makes the situation worse. If you look to healthier foods when you’re not feeling well, that will improve your situation instead of putting you further down into your depression.

Physical Recovery From an Athletic Event

After some type of athletic event, for instance, after you run a marathon, there are certain nutritional aspects of yourself that you need to take care of. Especially for extended events that require a lot of endurance and are hard on your body, you need to make sure that you eat all of the right foods and get rehydrated so that you don’t get sick.

Recovery From Holidays

One big part of holidays is that you might be eating a lot of food. So, during your recovery period, you’re going to want to pull back on those habits. Specifically, you want to cut out your carbs and a lot of your processed sugar, so that you can give your body time to reset to its natural state.

Recovery From Fasting

And on the other side of that, if you have chosen to fast for any reason, you have to pay special attention to recovering from that nutritionally as well. Eating a whole lot of food right after fasting can be a shock to the system, and should be avoided. instead, you should gradually step up your caloric intake and a nutritionally responsible manner.