Packaging increasingly more often needs to be, literally, out of the box. How to pack something that seems to be, so-called, unpackable? How to take care of this significant part of sales and customer relations process?

One of the ways gaining popularity now is using packaging pouches. Pouches can be made of several materials, and some of them have another asset – they are eco-friendly biodegradable pouches. No more wasting paper, no more too big boxes! You can choose between flat pouches (perfect for specific kinds of products, great for tea or coffee, but not only! Flat pouches can save a lot of space and money, spent on a different type of packaging) or stand up pouches that help you display the best of your products. This kind of pouches can stand upright and play the role of a bottle or plastic container. Sometimes this kind of pouches can be complemented by add-ons. It also decreases the risk of damage.

We often are unaware of where pouches can be distributed. One of the examples is simple: bakery pouches, used for packaging buns, bread, and other pastry-related products.

Aluminum pouches, as well as Mylar Bags (very often in the form of mylar flat pouches), are also used for many promotional and business purposes. From cannabis to food packaging, they provide a lot of protection to the product. Due to their popularity, they tend to often be used instead of boxes or plastic containers, or indeed alongside some Custom Boxes for larger orders that come in multiple parts.

You can choose between colorful pouches and clear pouches, depending on what you want to store in them. While colorful or kraft paper pouches can be great for grocery shopping, clear and transparent pouches can be used for different purposes, even out of the food industry.

You should get familiar with stand-up kraft paper pouches if you care about the natural look of your products and the great first impression they can make. This reflects the trend of eco-friendly lifestyle seen also in the packaging area.

You can enhance the product packaging technique by including your product catalog and business card. You could get the additional materials printed in various types such as classic, triple-layer, metallic shimmery, and other unique styles provided by the printing companies. You can check out a few service websites for reference and get an idea of what may suit your business.

Sachets can be a great asset in your packaging offer as well. With sachets with zip lock you can not only storage your products up to clients’ expectations, but also amaze them with the structure of your product.

Stand up pouches zip lock are also a great way to stand out of the competition.

With window pouches, and especially stand up window pouches, you allow your customers to look at the product before making a purchase decision. Pouches are often used for storaging food – coffee pouches and tea pouches are one of the most popular ways of packaging this kind of products. Heat seal pouches can be a great idea of packaging as well, as they wisely secure the product. Pouches are the future – get into them now for smart packaging!

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