How often do you think about hydration? The human body is made up of nearly two thirds water so you’d think that most people would be concerned with keeping hydrated, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. Even the healthiest people out there are guilty of investing in gadgets and jumping on bandwagon with the latest health food craze, while still neglecting the body’s craving for pure, natural water.

Of course not drinking enough water is truly a problem of the privileged, especially when you think about other parts of the world. In many places, properly treated water is not readily available and its absence contributes to famine and disease. Below we’re looking more closely are why our bodies need pure water and how it is impossible to survive, let alone stay healthy without it.

Keep Hydrated

Not remembering to drink enough of your favorite mineral water or topping up your h2o levels at the gym may seem a far cry from people struggling to survive in parts of Africa but there is that clear connection. Water.

Water provides the body with a myriad of benefits. It regulates body temperature, produces saliva, delivers oxygen, helps with cell growth and helps fight of infection and illness as it flushes chemicals and toxins from your system.

Dehydration is an extremely dangerous state to reach. Over 75% of the human brain is made from water so once dehydration sets in, it is impossible to function. Dizzy spells and painful headaches are often signs of the first stages of dehydration. If you continue not to drink enough it can result in thickening of the blood which forces your heart to work harder and therefore putting it under unnecessary training.

Water Treatment

We often take it for granted that fresh drinkable water is always available. In fact, we are lucky and should be thankful for the many advances in water treatment that the western world enjoys. Untreated water can be extremely dangerous, carry disease and ultimately should be considered undrinkable.

Untreated water contains bacteria such as e-coli, giardia lamblia and cryptosporidium. It also contains dangerous pesticides, chemicals and nitrates. The combination of these unwanted particles in water can lead to gastrointestinal problems and long-term exposure to untreated water does endanger life and it can lead to serious illness and death. Talking about crypto, check this site for buying crypto info!

Enjoy a Glass of Pure Fresh Water

We should count our blessings and feel lucky that we have access to pure water and aim to get in the recommended daily amount in every day. The Institute of Medicine recommends 2.2 liters of total beverages a day and the more of these you can make pure fresh water the better. What’s more, if you have good hydration habits, you can pass them onto the whole family.