Keeping your kitchen tidy and neat can seem like an ordeal: endless mountains of unwashed dishes pile up in the sink, your pantry is an unorganized mess, and food somehow ends up going to waste too soon… we have all experienced this at least once. But keeping your kitchen proper shouldn’t have to be a mess as long as you are patient and have some common sense. Bestvacuumexpert is here to give you some tips:

1. Only do some tasks for each day 

For starters don’t try to tackle the entirety of the mess at the same time: trying to clean the whole kitchen right away will leave most people feeling unmotivated, overwhelmed, and make them give up halfways on the task. Make a list of what needs to be organized and choose a couple of tasks to do in a day: Monday is cleaning the sink and reorganizing the pantry, Tuesday is keeping the fridge tidy and reorganizing the pots… and then keep a schedule of set tasks everyday to make sure you maintain the kitchen tidy, which is the most important part!

2. Prioritize chores

Another tip that may seem like common sense but most people overlook is: do what needs to be done right away. If you postpone doing the dishes, throwing out the trash or rearranging the pantry you’ll eventually start waiting for the motivation to do it… and it will never kick in. Be honest with yourself. No one is ever motivated to do the dishes. It doesn’t even have to be annoying. It’ll be done before you realize if you make it fun, so listen to some music or watch some YouTube videos while you do chores!

3. Less mess, less clean up

Another often overlooked tip is to try to keep the dirtying to a minimum. Use the same pot you used to cook the pasta to cook the sauce, and try your best not to spill anything. Serve your snacks on the side of your main dish’s plate. Use the same glass you just drank water from to help yourself to some juice. Of course, be reasonable about this and keep food safety in mind: Using the knife you just used to cut some raw chicken to eat is a surefire way to get salmonella.

4. Organize the kitchen

Also, make sure to leave your kitchen organized in a way that is neat and tidy and yet allows you to get whatever you need easily: stack your plates one on top of another to keep them better organized, and the same goes for your glasses. For your pots and pans, you’ll find that you can fit the smaller ones inside the bigger ones which will save you a lot of room. Keep the food containers to a minimum, eliminate any unnecessary packaging to have a lot more space in both your fridge and freezer, and of course throw away any food that might seem in bad state.

All in all, cleaning your kitchen and keeping it tidy doesn’t have to be difficult, annoying or time consuming. With just a little effort, you can make it spotless clean and actually keep it that way on the regular. For more tips on how to keep your kitchen clean and proper, please visit

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