Spice up your Spring

Having a rum cocktail is a fun way to make any occasion feel festive. So if you’re ready to try something fun, get started by exploring some popular rum cocktails that everyone will be talking about this spring. All you need are some top notch WA rums, some fun ingredients, and a great imagination. Here are 10 easy rum cocktails you need to try when it’s still cold outside.

  1. Spiked hot cider: What better way to spend a night in than with some smooth jazz and a delicious spiked hot cider? This beverage offers complex notes in one easy mug. Make this apple pie-like drink using Illegal Tender Rum Co.’s Bushtucker Spiced, apple cider, whipped cream, vanilla, and cinnamon.

  2. Honey Crisp Milk Punch. When the air outside is crisp, and the days are getting shorter, it’s time to have a drink that Uncle Toby will be proud of. A variation of the American honey buzz milk punch, this drink uses Uncle Toby’s Cheerios, milk, honey syrup, bitters, and cinnamon for garnish. It’s like a forbidden cereal only for grown-ups.

  3. Hot cranberry apple cider with rum: Make your next get-together a memorable one with some hot cranberry apple cider to share. This fruity concoction is a crowd-pleaser, because who doesn’t like fruit? And if you know someone that doesn’t, don’t invite them. JK, but really. All you need to do is stir some Illegal Tender Rum Co.’s Bushtucker Spiced, apple cider, cranberry juice, brown sugar, whole cloves and cinnamon over a stove and serve with orange slices as garnish.

  4. Rum flip: Is the weather outside frightful? Then make it delightful. Try making your own rum flip. This whole-egg warm beverage is the perfect nightcap or decadent brunch drink, and is versatile in that you can switch up the base liquor. Whether you use dark rum, spiced rum, or a liquor that’s not rum, this drink is one for the bold in taste.
  1. Tom & Jerry: Nothing will warm you up on a cold night quite like a cuppa creamy Tom & Jerry. Have it as dessert or on its own under the covers for some seriously chill vibes. All you need is some quality dark rum, egg, sugar, and vanilla for the batter. Then you want to make it really good by giving it a boost of more rum, a dash of Cognac, and a generous drizzle of steamed milk.

  2. Hot buttered rum: Just come in from the cold? Warm up your hands with a glass (or three) of hot buttered rum. What? Butter, you say? Well, it was inspired when the American colonies started importing rum to the States from Jamaica, so butter was a must. It’s one of the simplest rum cocktails you can make. First you make your own caramel sauce with some butter and brown sugar, then you mix it all into a mug with rum and hot water. And that’s it! We highly recommend trying out Illegal Tender Rum Co.’s Distillers Cut Rum!

  3. Eggnog: A classic holiday drink, there’s nothing quite like an eggnog by the fire to warm your chilly toes. Of course, in Australia our winters are not as cold and our Christmases are warm, but don’t let the season stop you from trying this beauty. Whip it up in no time with some dark Distillers Cut rum, bourbon, cream, fresh eggs, sugar, whole milk.

  4. Coquito: Dream up a warm weather getaway with a glass of Coquito. This tropical drink is a Carribean take on the classic Eggnog. Instead of using milk, eggs, and cream, this concoction uses coconut milk, evaporated milk, and coconut cream. Mix in a 50/50 blend of Illegal Tender Rum Co.’s Bushtucker spiced spirit and aged rum for the best of both worlds.

  5. Caramel apple cocktail: Yes, it’s yet another apple-based recipe because apples and rum go so well in a warm drink. With these in hand, you won’t let the cold weather stop you from enjoying a relaxing evening. You can easily prepare some warm caramel apple cocktail ahead of time by popping all the ingredients in a slow cooker and serving when ready. Illegal Tender Rum Co.’s Bushtucker Spiced, apple cider, apple liqueur, apples, caramel syrup, and a few cinnamon sticks is all you need for a great time.
  1. Hot chai buttered rum: Stretch, breathe deep, and bring some Ayurveda vibes into your living room with a hot chair buttered rum. This is a soothing and delicious cuppa to warm you up and help you wind down for the evening. You just need a few things you probably already have in the pantry. Either mix your spiced rum, hot water, and unsalted butter with a chai tea bag or DIY it with these ingredients: brown sugar, ground cinnamon, ground ginger, ground cardamom, and ground nutmeg. One spirit that we always have in our pantry is the Illegal Tender Bushtucker Spiced and is the perfect addition in this recipe!

Warm up your nights

Spice up your spring with some delicious rum cocktails. The ideas listed here are only the start of your journey into the wild world of warm rum cocktails – the possibilities are pretty endless. It’s no lie that a warm drink will help soothe the nerves and help you get snug. But spice it up with some rum and you’ve got yourself a party in a mug. So go ahead, grab your favourite mug and prepare to get cozy.