Chances are that – unless reading this article was the first thing you did this morning – you have most likely used at least one kitchen appliance today. Whether you opened your fridge to get some milk, fired up the kettle for a deliciously fragrant brew, or went full hog and cooked up a greasy yet irresistible full english breakfast.

The fact is, kitchen appliances have become so integral in our daily lives that using them has become second nature. Like food that lasts forever in the fridge or a dishwasher that can clean up a sinkful of dirty dishes with minimum input from you. It is little victories like this that should open our eyes to exactly how useful these kitchen appliances are.

The problem here is that most of us will not remember a time without kitchen appliances in our home. This makes it hard to imagine our lives without them and so it is very easy to simply take them for granted. The only time that we come close to this realization is in the unfortunate event that one of our appliances or our kitchen circuit becomes faulty. If you have ever been reduced to solely cooking microwave meals in a different room while the electrician rewires your oven’s power supply, then you may have realized the important role appliances play in your home.

In this article we will be briefly running through the benefits appliances have given us and why you shouldn’t take your kitchen appliances for granted anymore.


Perhaps one of the most important appliances there is, the refrigerator. Often paired with a freezer, this appliance is essential in order to preserve your food. Before home refrigeration was available, people went to great lengths to preserve their food. From salting and spicing meats, to the huge ice industry that literally chopped ice and delivered it to homes for cooling purposes. In some cases, people would also cool their drinks by leaving them outside or even submerging them in a nearby lake! Through the use of refrigeration, we are also now able to import fresh producer from much further away, giving us a much wider variety of food to choose from. If you have ever had your refrigerator break down on you then you probably realise just how quickly your food begins to spoil.

Cooking Appliances

Picture yourself around a campfire, roasting marshmallows while singing songs with your friends. Now picture yourself cooking your dinner over the campfire…everyday. Although this might seem great initially, the fact is that this would soon take up a considerable amount of time to cook even the simplest of meals. Today we are able to use the oven and hobs to cook our meals incredibly quickly with minimal preparation required. With microwaves we are also able to cook meals incredibly quickly if we are feeling lazy, without these appliances a large amount of our time in the evening would be spent cooking, giving you even less time to relax after a hard day at work.


Although this item may not be found in every home, for anyone that owns a dishwasher, the thought of cleaning your dishes by hand may seem like an incredibly laborious task. The dishwasher has truly revolutionised the way that we clean dishes, allowing you to quickly load up your dishwasher and wash a large load of dishes simultaneously while you continue to clean your kitchen surfaces. If you have ever had a faulty dishwasher then you know the pain of seeing dirty dishes begin to stack high on your worktops, reducing the amount of space available to prepare your next meal. This could be a good time to call in the experts (like the ones at Optimal Appliance Repair and alike) to inspect and repair your dishwasher as soon as possible! That said, you may have to buy a second-hand dishwasher if your old dishwasher cannot be repaired and you are short on cash to buy a new one immediately. (Note: In order to find online shops that sell good-quality second-hand appliances, you can use search terms like Used Kitchen Appliances on the Internet)


We hope that this article has helped you to realise just how much our kitchen appliances make our lives that much easier. Maybe the next time you cook a meal, you will appreciate how your appliances work in tandem to streamline your kitchen chores, from cooking to cleaning dishes and doing your laundry.

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