OTR microwaves are a great option if instead of cooking often, you prefer to spend your time enjoying some fun on platforms such as https://www.stellarspins.com/en/. However, a range hood is usually the best choice, especially with the high heat output of gas burners. If you regularly cook these types of foods at high heat and/or high fat content, you will need more CPM power than a conventional microwave oven can handle.

Steam and rising oils can condense on the bottom of the OTR microwave and then drip onto the food you are cooking. You can also be scalded by steam if you reach over a boiling pot to put something in (or take it out of) from a top-mounted microwave. It can be dangerous for someone to keep hot food in the microwave that they can’t reach properly. This may be the case if not everyone in the house can get to the microwave.

The downside is that the fans can still be quite noisy, especially if your microwave is near where people will sit or stand while eating (like near a kitchen table).

Since the microwave cannot be placed on the stove, you do not need ventilation. Microwaves that are out of range usually have a fan and lamp built into the bottom of the microwave.

These vents can be placed on the sides or even on top of the microwave oven to allow air to escape. The fan draws air in from the inside and pushes it out through the vent on the top or side, depending on where you placed the microwave in relation to the outside wall (if any). If your microwave already has physical ventilation installed, the appliances push the expelled air through a range of ducts outside of your home. An externally ventilated microwave oven uses a fan installed outside the house.

A microwave oven is usually installed to recirculate air through a charcoal filter. These microwaves have a built-in exhaust fan that uses a charcoal filter to filter and recirculate the air.

All microwave ovens in this range offer the option of recirculating the air in the kitchen or venting it outside. In this case, you’re probably better off using a recirculating ventilated microwave oven. OTR microwave oven ventilation to the outside removes smoke and odors from the room and prevents them from re-entering the kitchen. Ventilating the microwave to the outside is usually considered an upgrade because it’s the best way to get rid of smoke, steam, and grease in the air.

This powerful Sharp convection microwave oven is equipped with a top radiant heating element for grilling and a powerful fan for frying and baking with convection heating. The island microwave hood has a vent that sits above the island cooker.

The OTR microwave has features we’re familiar with: microwave convenience, lighting for your kitchen downstairs, and an exhaust fan to remove smoke, steam, and odors from your hob. The main benefit of an OTR microwave oven is that it frees up countertop space that a countertop microwave would normally take up while still providing light and ventilation like a range hood.