A block party makes the ideal way to get your neighbors. During this time, people can meet neighbors they may only have seen in passing. They can also have fun eating and drinking. Planning a great block party takes time. Allow at least two months. It’s also a good idea to think about specifics well in advance such as the kind of music people might like and food they’ll like. It’s also best to try and set a date at least a month in advance. Include a rain date as well in the event of heavy rain. Make it easy for neighbors to get to know each other well and create a sense of community at the same time. With well thought out details, everyone can have a wonderful time.

The Food

Any block party should have great food. The best fried chicken is a popular choice for many people as this can easily be ordered beforehand for collection. Others may choose to ask everyone to bring food to the party directly. This is a great way for people to show off their culinary skills and it’s also a great way to help keep costs down. If you’re planning to ask others to bring something to your party, make sure that each person has a specific type of food to bring with them. For example, a few people can bring appetizers like salads. Others can bring main courses like wings and burgers. A different group can bring the sweets. This way, everyone in the party has a full meal. Keep track of who’s bringing what so you’ll make sure there are lots of different food choices.

Drinks For Everyone

Another thing to think about when giving a block party are the kind of drinks being served. Pop Up Bars can serve as a temporary place to store drinks during the party. Many people like to have different kinds of drinks during a party. If holding the party during the hot summer months, bring lots of ice to keep the drinks colder. A party held later in the year like October can benefit from having lots of warm drinks on hand like coffee and hot chocolate. Alcoholic drinks like beer and red wine are also a good choice for a party that includes a lot of adults.

Having a Good Time

The goal of any block party should be to provide a fun time for everyone there. Each participant should feel comfortable and happy. It’s the details that can really make a difference. Think about food that many people enjoy when asking people to bring something. Having drinks on hand can also help people relax and enjoy the day. Hire a band and DJ to offer music that helps people have a good time. Offer as much comfortable seating as possible. Ask people to bring extra seating so they’ll all have some place to sit during the party. Add in lights so the entire area is lit as the sun goes down. Then sit back and enjoy as everyone on the block has a good time.