At A Scientist In The Kitchen, we want to hear from you as much as possible. This site has developed amazingly over the last few years because the people who visit it every day have invested so much of themselves into the community that surrounds the site and in helping me make the improvements that are needed for them and others to enjoy the site more.

That’s why I encourage everybody who visits the site to get in touch. This blog is increasingly becoming a family effort, so one of us will get back to you as quickly as possible to help you with whatever issues you raise or to thank you for any praise you may have for us.

There are plenty of reasons for you to get in touch.

Using Our Content

We share a lot of great content here on A Scientist In The Kitchen, so it’s only natural for others to want to share it too. After all, I post all sorts of recipes and advice for others and my aim is for as many people to see that information as possible.

However, we have had a few cases of sites using our content without asking for permission first and, in some cases, taking credit for the content we have created themselves. That’s why we ask anybody who wants to make use of the content on this site on their own to send us a message. In most cases, we will be more than happy to share and we may even be able to work out a content-sharing deal between our sites.

Questions About The Products We Recommend

We review and recommend a number of products on A Scientist In The Kitchen. You can tell by the advertisements on the site and some of the blog posts. In the name of full disclosure, the site is paid for these adverts and reviews, however, we also aim to be completely impartial about everything.

We hope that you can help us with that. If you have any questions at all about any of the reviews or recommendations on the site then please get in touch. We will be happy to tell you more about why we have reached the conclusions we have.

Advice On How We Can Do More

A Scientist In The Kitchen has achieved success because it has evolved to suit the needs of our audience. What started out as a little personal blog that existed more for me to chat about what I get up to with the family and share a few cooking ideas has turned into something much more over the years.

The advice we have received from our community has helped us to get there. People have often recommended things for us to do to make their visits more enjoyable and a number of those recommendations have been implemented on the site. We can’t always guarantee that we will be able to make the changes you ask for, but we take everything into consideration so please let us know if there is anything we can do to improve your time at A Scientist In The Kitchen.

Share With Us

If you have perused the site for a while you may have noticed that we offer our community the opportunity to write for us and to submit a guest post. More details can be found elsewhere on the site, but one of the many reasons we do this is because we know our community wants to hear from as many people as possible. and for people to become a contributor! To find out more info about submitting a guest post, visit our write for us page.

I haven’t experienced everything in the world when it comes to cooking. I don’t think anybody has. That’s why our contributors play such a massive role in the success of A Scientist In The Kitchen. Not only do you get to share your stories with an interested audience, but you also gain exposure for any projects you may be working on yourself

How To Contact Us

We offer visitors a number of ways to contact us. Firstly, you will notice that this page has a form at the bottom where you can type a message. Click send and that will land straight into my inbox.

Alternatively, I will reply as soon as possible.