The kitchen is a major highlight of every home. It can tell a lot about the homeowner and can be a great place to bond or make conversation. It’s no wonder why many people would want to invest in building or renovating their kitchens.

On the other hand, it also makes it one of the most expensive areas to decorate. Sure, you can find great items like bar stools frm Belleze Furniture, but installations like cabinets can take up much of your entire kitchen renovation budget. Thankfully, that cost is made more affordable these days with the help of flat-pack kitchens.

What Are Flat Pack Kitchens?

There are two leading brands of flat pack kitchens in the market: the IKEA flat pack cabinets and other furniture; and KDC or Knockdown Cabinets.

Both brands operate on similar premises. They are completely finished furniture, in this case, kitchen cabinets that are “knocked down” so they can fit into a flat pack box.

Flat pack or knockdown cabinets are ready to assemble, reducing the time and labour costs incurred by most kitchen installations. In fact, you might not even need professional or special skills to do so. Just follow the instructions once your flat-pack arrives in your home.

Why Get Flat Pack Furniture?

Everyone wants to get quality but affordable items and furniture is no different. They’re convenient and each one can be installed in as little as 5 minutes.

This kind of packaging also makes shipping and manufacturing costs for furniture much cheaper. It’s also easy to transport these yourself and usually only one person is needed to do so.

Even those who can afford more expensive furniture order IKEA or KDC flat-pack furniture. The quality and look of these items make them a welcome addition to million-dollar homes as well.


While IKEA furniture can come in the material of your choice, KDC flat packs are built with plywood. This can make KDC a cheaper option, but as they are manufactured in America they may not be as easily accessible.

IKEA cabinets come with the added benefit of customization. Other than the wide array of IKEA doors available in-store, there are also many 3rd-party companies creating beautiful and high-quality IKEA doors to suit your specific needs.

As it is a well-known brand, specifications are easily available and there will always be an IKEA cabinet door for your needs. You can choose from a variety of materials, from particle board to plywood to more expensive and sophisticated hardwood.

If you want to experiment with the knobs or handles for your kitchen cabinet doors, you also have a lot of freedom with IKEA flat pack cabinets.

The finish of your kitchen cabinet doors also make a huge impact on the overall look of your kitchen. You can have custom-designed IKEA cabinet doors with stain, varnish, paint, or a laminate finish of your choice. The freedom and flexibility to make the kitchen of your dreams come true is yours!

If you need more advice on which flat pack kitchen is the right one for you, you can always consult a design expert. The most important things to consider are your vision, needs, and budget.