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Top 3 tips to help you design your dream kitchen

Is your kitchen starting to look a bit old fashioned and worse for wear? Have you considered a complete kitchen redesign or even a simple spruce up? Whatever size project you choose, you should make sure that you plan what you want your dream kitchen to look

The Top Luxury Kitchen Accessories of 2019

Having everything you want in any part of your home would be a dream that few are fortunate enough to live. The kitchen, being the hub for any social gatherings is definitely one of the rooms at the top of the list for a luxury makeover. Kitchens

4 Dynamite DIY Upgrades for the Kitchen

Is your kitchen looking a little blah? Are you unable or unwilling to hire someone to remodel it? Don’t worry — the do-it-yourself movement was made for this situation. There are countless mini projects you can do to make your kitchen look a lot nicer for a

5 Dangerous Chemicals in the Kitchen

We know you keep your kitchen clean and neat, but chemicals that can harm your family’s health could be lurking in places you’d never expect. By some estimates, we’re exposed to more than 2 million man-made chemicals every day. We don’t even know what most of them

Top Tips for Using a Microwave

When microwaves were first introduced on the market, they were lauded as next-gen cooking technology, able to do everything that a conventional over can do, and so much more. In fact, when the first became popular, many believed that they would take over the role from more

Carbon Steel Vs. Stainless Steel Knives

When you’re looking to get a new set of knives for the kitchen, the easiest thing to do is pop over to the nearest home department store and pick up whatever they have. But buying a set of no-name knives quickly lead to you having a set

4 Reasons Porcelain Floor Tiles Are Great for Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. It’s where you eat with your family, wake up in the morning with a cup of coffee, and entertain your friends around a bottle of wine. As such, people put a lot of thought into

Waiting on the Oven – Apps to Kill Time in the Kitchen

Cooking and baking is a great past time, in fact, there are too many recipes to complete before you can count your cooking days as over. The popularity of cooking has impacted the food networks and found its way into the kitchens of most households. One drawback