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Benefits of having a wall art in your room

You will be surprised when you know the amount some people spend on getting wall arts for their rooms. This is considering that some wall arts are worth millions of dollars and individuals fork out this money just to get an item they hang on a wall

Making it Work with All-Wood Interiors

Thanks to the technology and the variations in designs which go into the making of interior design and construction elements such as solid oak flooring, wooden cladding and wooden upholstery, making it work with all-wood interior spaces is no longer a conundrum for the ages. It’s challenging,

Top 3 tips to help you design your dream kitchen

Is your kitchen starting to look a bit old fashioned and worse for wear? Have you considered a complete kitchen redesign or even a simple spruce up? Whatever size project you choose, you should make sure that you plan what you want your dream kitchen to look

Are You Doing These 3 Housecleaning Tasks Often Enough?

Most of us have a regular household cleaning routine, involving common tasks like vacuuming, mopping our floors, and dusting our furniture. But there are also jobs in any home that are just as important, although we do them less frequently. Do you know whether you’re doing these

The Different Timber Grades | Timbersource

Timber grading is the process by which timber is sorted into groups that are similar in appearance and structural properties. Any timber used in construction must be graded in terms of its strength and stiffness.

4 Dynamite DIY Upgrades for the Kitchen

Is your kitchen looking a little blah? Are you unable or unwilling to hire someone to remodel it? Don’t worry — the do-it-yourself movement was made for this situation. There are countless mini projects you can do to make your kitchen look a lot nicer for a

Tips for Putting In a New Kitchen Floor

How much time do you spend in your kitchen? If it’s a lot, or if your kitchen is in a high-traffic area, the flooring in there is going to take a beating. And eventually, you’re going it’s the point where you decide it’s time to install something

5 Dangerous Chemicals in the Kitchen

We know you keep your kitchen clean and neat, but chemicals that can harm your family’s health could be lurking in places you’d never expect. By some estimates, we’re exposed to more than 2 million man-made chemicals every day. We don’t even know what most of them