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Tips to create amazingly beautiful vegetable gardens

Even if your inclination to do so isn’t driven purely by having to work with limited space, the growing trend around gardening is to maximise the space. Those of us lucky enough to have gardens at all are realising that their value lies more in their functionality

Comparing Flat Pack Kitchens

The kitchen is a major highlight of every home. It can tell a lot about the homeowner and can be a great place to bond or make conversation. It’s no wonder why many people would want to invest in building or renovating their kitchens. On the other

Kitchen And Dining Room Design Ideas For Your Home

The kitchen and dining room in your home likely see more traffic than any other part of your house.  Food equals fellowship in many cultures, making the kitchen and dining area of a house far more valuable than the materials used to build it.   Investing time and

4 Tips For Remodeling Your Basement

Remodeling your basement is something that a lot of people decide to do to increase the value and functionality of their hope. However, not all basements are read to be remodeled. Unless you live in a home that was recently constructed, chances are that your basement will

3 Tips For Making Your Heating System Last

Although there is a lot of joy associated with the winter months, from holidays to spending time with family, it can also be an incredibly expensive time of the year.  When the cold months creep up, and temperatures are expected to drop below freezing, it’s not uncommon

10 Cunning Cleaning Hacks

The lucky few can afford cleaning staff; the rest of us are stuck with cleaning up after ourselves. But life is too short to spend endlessly doing chores. Presenting 10 ways to save you time and effort while you keep your home spotless: 1. Grapefruit Bath Scourer

5 Ways to Boost Your Home’s Exterior

On a beautiful Spring or Summer day, you want nothing more than to spend time outside with family and friends, enjoying your yard and the gorgeous weather. The mood and festivities can be dampened, however, by your home’s lack-luster exterior. Whether the outdoors has never been your

Why you should have art in your apartment or house

Moving into a new house can be stressful and exciting at the same time. It’s a new chapter in our lives and we have to deal with a lot of changes. Today I want to focus more on the most positive part about moving into a new