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3 Ways To Be An Example Of Developing Healthy Food Habits For Your Kids

Part of raising healthy kids involves ensuring that their diet fuels both their bodies and their minds. The only problem with this is that many kids would prefer to eat fast food and candy over fruits and vegetables. If you and your family developed some bad dietary

3 Tips For Eating Healthy When Going Out

If you’re determined to eat healthier in your life, you’re likely going to be spending a lot more of your time at home cooking your own meals. However, every meal you eat for the rest of your life can’t just be made and enjoyed at home. Because

The Future of Nutrition

There are so many things which we can focus on in a discussion of what we think things will be like when the current generation of the most economically active people hits the 60+ age. After all, this is the generation which brought about some of the

10 top tips that will have your kids eating healthy for life

Children can be fussy at times with their eating habit and it’s not unexpected that some parents seek assistance to understand how to help their kids develop good eating habits. However, it can be so confusing to follow food guides that are ever changing. Fortunately, no nutrition

How Far Away is Deathless Meat?

As much as you may love your burgers, steaks and chicken nuggets, by going vegan, you would save the lives of 95 animals a year. Who wouldn’t do that if they could? The problem is, apart from being delicious, meat contains many vitamins and nutrients which would be hard

What Foods You Need to Eat to Avoid Inflammation

The standard Western diet has become more and more processed, with more sugar, fat and carbohydrates than ever before. Is it any wonder that so many of us feel bloated, unhealthy and sick? What is inflammation? To read more about inflammation, and what causes it, read out

5 Ways to be More Ecological when Eating

1. Preparation The first step in healthy eating is food preparation. How the food is produced, stored and prepared determines how safe it is to the body and the environment. Large-scale production requires the use of chemicals to preserve (like grains) or ripening (like fruits) which might

Vegan Protein: What You Need to Know About It and 7 Easy Sources

Image Link: Veganism is often associated with weakness, and criticized as unhealthy. The bias for animal protein is quite strong, especially in the U.S, and people remain quite skeptical towards veganism as a way of living.