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Easy Rum Cocktails to Keep You Warm

Spice up your Spring Having a rum cocktail is a fun way to make any occasion feel festive. So if you’re ready to try something fun, get started by exploring some popular rum cocktails that everyone will be talking about this spring. All you need are some

The Oldest Cocktails in History

People have enjoyed getting drunk since the dawn of time but most of the cocktails we sip nowadays are relatively new inventions. These drinks are defined as alcohol mixes containing at least three ingredients, of which one is a spirit. The Manhattan Add ice, sweet vermouth, and

Making The Perfect Summer Cocktail

We have good news and bad news. The bad news is that summer is almost over. Each year, it feels like someone is playing tricks with the calendar. January, February, and March seem to drag on forever and leave us all in the dark, and then when

Things Every Wine Lover Should Know

How much do you know about wine? You might have heard of Heartwood and Oak, one of the wine suppliers that can present you with a stash of wine, But before you start tasting wines, there are some things that you might want to know if you

5 Tips to Throw the Ultimate Summer Potluck

Nothing screams summer like being outside and making lasting memories with little ones running around and adults kicking back. Don’t take the job solely upon yourself though! Consider hosting a summer potluck for people to gather in your space without having to do all of the work

Juices or Wine for Better Health: Why Not Both?

The argument concerning the health benefits of fruit juices and wine have been an age-old debate for a long time now. Where one section of the populace believes that fruit juices are a healthier choice. Another is of the opinion that a glass of wine a day

Casa Dragones – The Sipping Tequila

Casa Dragones is one of those unique drinks that just feels luxurious. From the presentation of the bottle, to the colour, to the aroma and taste. This may be why Casa Dragones has been selected as the Tequila of choice at the Vanity Fair Oscar party in

Luxury Champagne Cocktails: The Famous 5

When most people think of champagne they think of times for celebration and fun. Mixing champagne with other ingredients to make champagne cocktails is a great way to make a terrific drink even better. Also if you want to make these in your college dorm then all