Are you sick of having to turn your whole oven on just to cook a meal for yourself or your partner? If so, a halogen oven may be a worthwhile investment. Halogen ovens can cook food much more quickly than a conventional oven, and they are also cheaper to run as well. If you’re considering making a purchase, read on to find out how to buy the perfect model.

Bundled Packages are Ideal

If you have never purchased a halogen oven before, you may want to look into bundled packages. Try and find a halogen oven that comes with all of the required cooking utensils, a spare bulb, a steamer tray and a baking tray. This should set you back around 70 for a mid-range model. Individually, you’d be looking at around 8 to 10 for each item, so the more items you can get included in the bundle, the better off you’ll be.

Which Size is Best?

Halogen ovens don’t just come in one size, so it’s best to consider what you need it for, and who you will be cooking for, before purchasing. The standard size models contain a cooking dish which is typically around 12 litres, however, there are also extended 17 litre models available. Also, consider how much kitchen space you have for your oven. You’ll need counter space for the item as well as room to the side to place the hot lid. It will also need to be located close to a PowerPoint, although you can get models with cords as long as 20 meters. If any component of the oven breaks down, you could get a replacement of these oven elements from companies like Barling Elements.

Digital or Manual?

Most halogen ovens have manual controls. You simply need to turn the knobs to adjust the cooking temperature and time. However, there are also digital models available which have extra fancy features. Again, here you’ll need to think about what you need your halogen oven for and whether you really need a digital model. The manual ovens do tend to be cheaper, and in most cases they are perfectly satisfactory.


If you don’t want to buy a halogen oven bundle, you’ll need to buy some utensils to go with it. The minimum that you will require is:

  • Baking tray – Suitable for foods like burgers, baked potatoes and pizzas.
  • Steaming tray – Suitable for vegetables and meat.
  • Tongs – These are an essential tool that will help you safely remove food from the oven.

You may also want to consider investing in a frying basket, a lid stand, and an extender ring depending on what you plan on using your halogen oven for.


Finally, before you buy a halogen oven, it’s a good idea to take a look at some reviews to find out which models are popular in households such as yours. Websites like Amazon are useful for this, although many food bloggers often review halogen models as well. Do consider who the user of a model is before basing your buy decision on their review.

Halogen ovens are fantastic pieces of kitchen gadgetry, and far more useful than microwaves. They’re well worth the investment.