Today I want to talk more specifically to you who want to open a restaurant. We all know that restoration, especially “fast”, is a fairly lucrative activity and more and more people are eating out of home. This is the trend! So we say to ourselves: “If I opened a restaurant, could it work?” To answer this question, you need to read this article carefully.

A restaurant, even if it is a fast food one, can’t work if you do not have someone experienced in the kitchen. This does not mean that he can simply make hamburger or veal rice. Above all, it means that he is able to hold his card! In the jargon of the kitchen, it means that it is able to buy at best, to respect a budget or a coefficient that allows you to be profitable on the card that you are displaying to your customers. This is something that is very unusual because when you recruit someone it is very complicated to know if that person is the right one commercial kitchen equipment . You must also ensure that you only buy your kitchen tools from high quality brands, Beverage Air as an example.

When opening a restaurant, do not be fooled by the very high start-up budgets. I remember someone who said to me: “I want to open a restaurant and I have 30,000 dollars! “ It’s not sufficient! And even if we take the classical coefficients of the bank which multiply by three your personal contribution, that remains insufficient. A restaurant that boasts, a restaurant that allows you to live comfortably is not a project to less than 100 000 dollars, and this, wherever you are. You have to be very frank even when choosing commercial restaurant equipment! and i am always very straightforward, because business creators are my clients, not “beneficiaries” or “users” of a structure of reception.

The third point is that the location is a priority. When you open a restaurant, people imagine that what’s important is what’s on the plate. Yes, it is important, but it is not enough. If nobody passes by your plate and nobody passes in front of your restaurant, it is lost in advance except to have an enormous budget of communication. By the way, that’s why restaurant projects are very expensive; you’re going to buy a location that can work. There are different kinds of location. People go in the middle of an industrial zone to open a restaurant that will essentially turn at noon, because it corresponds to their life project or if they do not want to work in the evening, for example. Others will instead seek a location in the city center with tourists, people going out, in 20/24 h and with many other constraints, but maybe also a lot more leverage.

You really have to be careful about the atmosphere because you do not go to a restaurant only to eat quickly. We also go for an atmosphere that is created. We go there because it’s cozy, it’s fun, it looks international or because it’s hyper fashionable to find yourself there. Maybe the seats are more or less spaced, which makes it possible to speak quietly and in confidence or on the contrary because it is a bit dimmed for a first appointment … I do not make you a drawing but a restaurant is above all an ambience Hobart equipment . So do not neglect this point, do not do the decoration all by yourself and try to be advised by an interior designer. This applies on choosing for your kitchen equipment like frozen drink machines. It’s really the best plan to have something that has soul and that makes you want to come and go.