Here at A Scientist In The Kitchen, we are proud to work with a number of great advertising partners who we feel are able to offer products and services that our audience can us to put the advice they find on this site into practice.

That’s why we are always open to any businesses who wish to advertise on the site. By getting in touch with us you gain access to a large audience of people and your adverts will start paying off quickly. On our part, we get to make sure people have access to products that we really believe in. It really is a win-win.

Not convinced? The keep reading to find out more about what A Scientist In The Kitchen has to offer to potential advertisers.

I Understand Online Advertising

As well as being a mom and blogger, I have also developed my knowledge of online marketing enormously since I started A Scientist In The Kitchen. Over the years I have spent hours reading up on how to attract more people to the site and how to run advertising campaigns so they achieve the highest possible return on investment.

By advertising with us you place yourself in a position to take advantage of that knowledge. I use my experience and understanding of the online domain to drive traffic to this website. I also use my knowledge of online advertising to make sure that your ads get placed in front of the largest amount of people right at the point where they are considering making purchases.

Be Where Your Customers Are

We cover a number of different niches here at A Scientist In The Kitchen. In addition to cooking, we also write about blogging, nutrition, parenting and a whole host of topics. That means our audience is extremely relevant to you if you sell any products or services in those niches.

By advertising with us you place your company in front of thousands of people who are actively looking for businesses that can help them put what we write about into practice. Our audience is highly relevant and extremely active, which has been proven by the great feedback we have received from other advertisers about how well their ads have done for them.

Speaking of audience size…

A Scientist In The Kitchen Is Growing

Reaching the right people wouldn’t mean much if there weren’t enough of them to make your campaign profitable. Thankfully, that isn’t a problem at A Scientist In The Kitchen.

The site currently attracts an audience of 10,000 unique visitors every month, many of whom become a part of our community, which also numbers in the thousands. That means you adverts reach brand new people every single month, plus any new campaigns will also be placed directly in front of thousands of people who may be interested in your products.

Saving Time

I understand that there are a lot of options available to people who want to advertise online and some of them may even look more appealing at first glance than what we offer at A Scientist In The Kitchen. Google AdWords, for example, offers you full access to a dashboard where you can control your adverts.

However, with that control comes extra responsibility. Most who use such services tend to find they spend so much time tweaking their ads that they waste valuable man-hours that could have been put to better use elsewhere. I instead aim to make the process as simple as possible. I’ll handle all of the technical work for you and also make any changes that you may require. This means you save bags of time.

Engage With Our Audience

For all of the thousands of people who come to A Scientist In The Kitchen, there are thousands more who haven’t discovered the site. The good thing is that a lot of our visitors know people who don’t come to the site but may still be interested in your services.

By engaging our audience you give our visitors more reasons to talk about your business with others. That means that by advertising with us you potentially reach an even larger audience over time.

Getting Started

Advertising with A Scientist In The Kitchen could not be simpler. We can get to work on an advertising plan that suits your needs.