Kitchen Gadgets You Should Say Goodbye To

While you may find it hard to let go of some of these items, the list should also help you avoid making any doubtful purchases ahead of time. The following seven items are ones which serve very little use beyond their immediate name, while there are tons of other items that do the same job – and do it far better.

  • Garlic Press

Despite its apparent popularity with home chefs and cooking show hosts, a garlic press is an item that honestly does not do its job all that well and is incredibly hard to clean – for an item that is said to make your life easier, there are plenty of top chefs who turn up their nose at the gadget. Instead, pressing the flat side of a knife to the clove, before stripping and mincing it takes almost no time at all, and ensures your garlic is chopped to perfection – as opposed to slightly smooshed in long strips.

  • Box Grater

While I personally love my box grater, for many who don’t utilize it correctly, it’s a piece of kitchen equipment that is used purely for it’s large grating side. A quick trip to the store can replace this large item with a smaller, sleeker model that serves only to grate your cheese and vegetables into perfect pieces. It may just be time to say goodbye to yours if you have repeatedly chosen another grater over it, or if it’s starting to rust away.

  • Egg Poaching Cups

Touted as the quickest way to cook eggs in a microwave, egg poaching cups are said to do a reasonable job of poaching eggs, especially if you are having fun of bonus games/ and don’t want to wait around. However, a small ramakin and lid do an equally good job – and have a multitude of other uses in the kitchen.

  • Spaghetti server

I may be alone here, but the spaghetti server to me has always been an awkward shaped kitchen claw which never grasps my spaghetti properly, let alone allowed me to serve it without the pasta sliding off the implement. In exasperation I’ve usually opted to use a fork or a set of tongs with far better results.

  • Baby food maker

Of all the gadgets to grace this list, a baby food maker is one of the least useful due to it’s singularly short lifespan of use (on average 6 months to a year) and that it has only a single purpose. Since the device just steams food – and some are able to puree it – most people can get by without it, using only a microwave and a masher or a pot and a blender. The added bulk of most baby food makers result in it using valuable counter real-estate and honestly, it is a gadget you can really do without.

  • Pizza Scissors

While it may look impressive on pizza night, the part cake cutter, part scissors known as a pizza scissors is easily replaced with a knife – and for a far lesser price. After all, how often is it that you’re making pizza at home and have a need to purchase a special scissors just to cut it?

  • Salad Spinner

If you’re regularly using a salad spinner and find it to be one of the best items in your kitchen, then by all means skip this point. If, however, you find your salad spinner is languishing away under your counter as you wash and gently pat dry your greens with a towel when making salads, just because it’s way faster to do, then it may be time you consider parting with it.